February 15, 2006

Rockstar in da house!!!!

okay... this is the 2nd try to post in my new blog... started quite hectic as i not only forgot my password but also my username... ahaks!!

anyway, last week was quite a rush week for me... after a long CNY holiday, the classes, the NRSW launch, management meeting at work... walaweiii... ponat den... but it all paid off... BJ classes was full with exciting members... NRSW turned out so well... got free Nike stuff (the best part), Boss at work also left the meeting with a good mood... fuuhhhh... enjoyed so much my 1st NRSW class in Uptown... the members were so sporting... hope they njoy the class as well... can't wait for my next one...

all the BJ newbies are getting their clearance... i will try to go for each or your guys/ gals clearance ok... i'm so happy for them but yet so nervous/ panic too... the feeling i got for my clearance (i think somewhere in July05), is still crystal clear... screwed up 2 out of 5 tracks =) tapi.... clear jugak... muahahahaahahhhhh!!!! as always my 2 soul sistas were there to support me... love ya... i will try to go for each or your.. ALL THE BEST YA!!! a tip = JANGAN PANIC!!!

Nike gang: Amanda, Andrew, Adrian and Vijay.... Amanda = so patience of getting my 'baju' ready... she even reserved my fav black Nike pants for me... Andrew = the cutest among all... 1st time a saw him.. it goes.. ayak, r u 17? he he... he got the Nike cap for me for the launch... macam tau2 aje i suka pakai cap... Vijay = the Gangster among all.. hah! sometimes he can be very garang one... gerun i... Adrian = Andrew's boss... so comel like him oso... CONCLUSION = they all are great people to work with... looking forward for the big event, 25th March!!! A thousand thanks to all.....

MELISA = thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the NRSW team!!!

Valentine = Takde benda menarik yg berlaku... juz my guilty feeling =( i should have not joined Tina's NRSW class last nite... she's so nervous bila i dalam kelas... SO SORRRYYYYY KAKAK!!! next week i tak join ye.... he he....

hmmm... dah abis kut... nanti sambung lagi ye.... tata...


  1. elooo welcome to blogspot!! haha i'll link urs to mine.

  2. Hey babe! You did great that launching night!!! Sorry you can't access our blogs anymore, but I'm so malas to switch blog webs as even maintaining the one I have now is already a challenge! But we'll keep in touch as always, right?! Maybe not through my blog, but I will always read yours. Keep on blogging!

  3. heyhey i can teach u a way to read their blogs in friendster. My company blocked friendster site but I still managed to read their blogs :D