August 20, 2015

Naelofarhijab_byleonora in MODEMARKETMALAYSIA!

Salaam and Hi Naelofarhijab lovers,

Finally... after nearly a year as a #NHauthorizedstockist, finally we have our own 'spot' of physical store at KL city centre! alhamdulillah....

We are located at Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur.. easily accessible since it's next to Medan Tuanku Monorail Station.

For all of you out there who has been supporting us all this while.. very much thanks and for those who would like to know us, you are most dearly welcome... :)

Our celebrity, En Shah Iskandar is part of the management team... :)

Ready stock, to be grabbed!!
We have

Must have people.. and with the very affordable price (RM53 to RM89) this will be your most valuable purchase.. still prefer to buy online? of course.. you can still do so via contacting us at 016 878 1982 and follow our IG @naelofarhijab_byleonora for updates...

Penjual tudung Neelofa,
Leonora dan hasbeng!

August 4, 2015

Trend Baju Gaun Hipster??

Hello uolssss… jom jom mari baca blog I yg berhabuk trus neh.. :P Before I keep rambling about my past disappearance for almost 3 years from this blog, how about a ‘serious’ post to start.. ahaks!


Do you know it’s an “IN” thing now… HIPSTER!!! agak2 baju baju korg skrg “IN”? hehehe...Basically Hipster is just a laid-back design or more to free & easy lifestyle.. and incorporate that into a dress!

So let’s take a look how a trend baju gaun wanita looks like!

Haaa baju bunga2… ni la Hipster uolssss… ok? Not ok?  

Second look, is a bold representation of a contrast bright colours.. ala2 colour-blocking gitu... Contohnya, padankan dress jingga seperti berikut dengan shawl berwarna hijau atau biru sebagai aksesori di leher.  

3rdly, checkered dress or heavily patterned dress 

 Next is VINTAGE. Stripe A cut dress, match it with a coll sunglasses.. owh yeahhh... you are so a hipster babe!

And last but not least... polkadot! Should not leave this one out... even a Hijab now comes with a polkadot motif...

Haa ape??? Tak Muslimah?? Owh sabar la yangggg…. Tu intro jek… sape kata Muslimah takleh hipster.. ish ish korg neh… 


Tak cukup?? How about these…

And you know what makes it more in trend? Match it with your favourite Naelofar Hijab! Weehoooo…. *of course I bias*

ok dah... pelik pulak rasa menulis blog... pffttt!!

IG @naelofarhijab_byleonora

June 16, 2015

March 29, 2012



ni bukan berhabuk lagi dah... mcm dah berkulat jek blog neh... ekkekekeke... changing post and workscope is so demanding... with a toddler at home making things more.. hmmm.. colourful? ekekkeke... how are you my friends??? how's ur baby... definitely a toddler by now :) having fun looking at them try to walk? ahhaha... i know i did... 

next week.. Armand will be 1 year old! alhamdulillah... i'm getting the hang of it.. i mean being a mother... a working mother... husband as well, really expert odi at taking care of Armand without me... thus, giving me more chance to go to gym! yayyy... can focus on my weight loss! and yes... my weight is not 'going anywhere' yet.. ahhaha... maintain 75kg... la la laaaa....

have lots to tell you... lots to share... lots of ups and downs... and a bit sad as i have abandoned this blog for so long... and yes... new blog still has no improvement since.. hehe...

dah ada gigi... yg peliknya... tumbuh atas dulu pastu 'ditepi2'.. hmmm

looks like a big boy odi...

and he can walk odi!!! :)

owh my... so many things to tell..

till then..
love ya.. and miss ya..