December 27, 2008

BJ47 Launch

fuhhhh...... i would say the launch went very well despite of we were doing it during festive seasons... well... the members are supportive enough to celebrate X'mas with the Bodyjam team.. thanks all!! we work hard every quarter to share with you the dance passion that we 'own' all this while... *wink wink*

No mere words can express more to what i felt during those launches.. and i believe the launch team felt the same as well.. also big thanks and hugs to them.. Anthony, Ken, Kok Hoe, Stephen and Cheryl.. Keep grooming those grooves.. I confidently believe you can do it! and of course my sistas Azyei and Juwita... Your effort will always be appreciated and loved! :D

aside from that.. managed to drag Nizam and Anis (muay thai fellow) to dance with me!! hehe.. and Lys and Mona from the office were with us as well!! yeaaa.... hopefully they enjoyed it as much as me watching them dance on the floor... hehe...

IOI team! First launch for Cheryl... I would say she did very well... Well done gurl!!

With Zarina.. hey hey.. Jam instructor in the making... freshly made from my class in True Fitness Taipan.. heeeeee.........

andddd... Taipan members joined the fun on Xmas eve as well.. thankssss.....

hehe.. Xmas day was as packed as Xmas eve... hmmm... ramai yang takde date macam i rupanya.. hehe this was how Curve's studio sardine packed on that day... again.. thanks u all!!!

and these are the instructors yang sentiasa over!!

hehe.... MOI SISTAS!!

MOI SISTAS jugakss.... ehemmm... p/s: anthony, you pernah couple dengan perempuan tak?

December 24, 2008

my shoesssssssss..........

owh... this week is the launching week.. i'm so looking forward to it... thinking of what to wear... bla bla bla.... moreover.. this quarter me got lots of new shoes.. eheh... so, keep thinking which outfit goes well with the shoes... (menyampah tak bunyi dia...:D )

anyway... i chose my usual working shoes in the morning... drove the car with it.. on the way, i felt that the shoes is becoming loose! when i reached office... this is why.. :P

Kasut koyak ya..... huhu... never mind.... being a woman... there should be another pair in the car... hehe... yup... i have another pair.. kinda not suitable to what i'm wearing.. but no choice hor...

then it was okay... at lunch hour... Azma (the newly wed- see previous entry) bought us lunch.... thanks dear.. hehe... (makan free je suka kannnnnn)

again... i felt something wrong with shoes... the sole came out!!! arghhh...... so tension.....

panicked for a while... cos i have no more extra working shoes in the car!! huhu... ofis? hmmm... safety shoes got lar... sooooo..... i ended-up with... tadaaaaaaaaaa.......... presenting... new school prefect of the year!!

cun tak cun tak? hehe... so the whole day... i walked around the office with my Nike Troupe... luckily i didn't brought the 'red obsession'.. or else... hmmmmmm..........

December 22, 2008

Beezee or Crazee?

Have you ever been asked this?
"eh, how you find time to go to gym and work and still makan2, enjoy movie sume ahh?"

or... have you ever heard people sigh-ing.. "haizz... so busy lah this few days.. tak sempat pegi gym..."

well... these few weeks... I've not heard those sentences as I was too busy with stuffs.. :D so.. what i've been doing since Raya Haji? read this, then do decide whether it's beezee or crazee? :D

8th Dec - went to relatives house in KL... my whole family was here to celebrate Raya in my small hut :D. WOW! my hut filled with my nieces and nephews laughter and screams! :D

9th Dec - Work odi.. Nite = practice BJ47 (tuition coming.. huhu).

10th Dec - Work until 7pm.. return home... lepak-ing wif families... family gossiping...

11h Dec - Public holidays... I brought my 6 'kids' to Sunway Pyramid... by Bro brought our parents and wife to IKEA... we managed to get tickets to watch Bolt! cute movie... brought them to the games arcade before that... hmmphh... habis duit mak sedara... huwaaa... then of course, ice-cream for all... a must if you are dealing with kids.. hmmm... (me like oso.. ahaks!)

12th Dec - Lupa lah... I think I went to Muay Thai class...

13th Dec - Relative house lagi! in Sungai Buloh... could not come back in time for June's wedding.. sowi fren... 4pm - conduct tuition in Consplant..

14th Dec - Tuition in MBF at 8.00am!! Lunch with Ina, Azyei and Sulin... went to Mydin afterwards to search some items for company dinner... 4pm... get ready to Retro nite... auwwww...

enjoyed it so much... collegues were super-cool and super-sporting.. :D

15th Dec - came to office at 10am.. :D CEO allowed ok.... 7.50pm class in Summit.. and tuition again at 9pm till 11pm.. for the 1st time ever in Head Teacher role, almost 30 instructors attended the tuition in one shot! HT almost died... and almost lost temper a bit.. ahaks! well... thanks guys/ gals for teaching BJ in sincerity and passionately... after tuition, we brought a surprise Bday cake for Azyei.. yayy! went supper, slept at 2am! yikes...

16th Dec - Office like super busy than usual.. so many proposals to be sent at one go... huhu.. so tired to do class but it was Tims' clearance, so I forced my self to the class... after that, went back home but continue working.. slept at 2am.. huwaaaa....

17th Dec - Office = continue bz.. 7.25pm: curve class... then went to Muay Thai class.. stayed for Silat afterwards... came home 1am..

18th Dec - Office = continue bz.. 6.35pm: summit class (Sharon's clearance)... instructors continue practising new release.. i'm dead tired... huhu.. i went back home... trying very hard to enjoy watching TV...

19th Dec - Office as usual... then rushed to dinner in Bangsar... and rushed to Silat practice at 10.30pm... huhu... slept at 2am... again...

20th Dec - woke up 8am.. early as I need to pick-up Anis and went to our National Museum for a Silat Kerambit/ Belati performance... show starts 11.00am.. after that, had a photo session with Berita Harian reporter.. and they said it's gonna be a cover.. and OMG! i dun have my makeup on... hahahahaahha.... lantak! then.. Syah 'toured' us around the museum for the Pameran Senjata... and I can say this, our museum is quite impressive lehhh... do free your time to drop-by kay.. 2.15pm class in Axis (shirlyn's clearance).4.30pm rushed home to get ready for Azma's wedding... She looked so lovely that day...

and seperti biasa... i memang akan rakus kalo dengan makanan nih... hehe

after dinner... Roberto, Zabidi, Lys, Mona and I went to Hard Rock Cafe.. they just had their renovation.. i thot they wanna make the place bigger.. err.. it's not... they just change the position of the band... Big Ben, the current band... auwww... me loike!!! Lys and I dance for a while and Zab and Rob just watched.. hehe.. slept at 3am.. huhu...

21st Dec - woke up 11am! expected... ehemmmm... rushed to 2.50pm class in IOI... then mandi dgn sangat pantas coz rushing to movie... bersiap dah siap... sekali tiket parking tak jumpa ya.......... huwaaaaaaaaa.... it's juz next to my HP all the time.. :P picked-up adik at 4.45pm.. and reached Curve in time for 5.30pm show... HISTERIA... uu.... for a Malaysian Film.. i gave 5 stars.. :D why?? coz the storyline quite original.. the ghost definitely original... no Pantene looking ghost or Ju-On kinda ghost... the 'pink-ladies' are superb... 2 thumbs up for 'Ella Sheridan'.. i think i got her name right... She is the one who's responsible for the gory make-up after-killing look... ahaks! love it to bits! didn't stay too late.. managed to catch 9pm Transformer at HBO.. hahahah....

22nd Dec - came to ofis and write blog?? opppsss... sori boss.. release tension... :D

sekian kehidupan i yang hectic... tiada bab-bab percintaan yang berlaku disepanjang hari2 itu... oleh itu... sesiapa yg berkata kepada saya yang depa tak cukup masa.. then i akan jawab.. boo-hoo!!! (org yg beristeri/ bersuami dan beranak-pinak terkecuali ya...)

so... beezee or crazee???

December 15, 2008

Aura kasut merah

For the 1st time eva!!!!!! when i walked down the street, (on the way for a BJ practice in DU), people were looking at my feet rather than my hair!!!! huahuahuahauaaaa.......... penangan kasut merah kilat-kilat katanyaaaa....

December 12, 2008

Red Obsession

I think everyone has their favourite colour… mine has always been white and red… previously, my wardrobe is full of glaring red stuff.. even Hari Raya, I’ll be in Gong Xi Fa Cai costume… hehe… I mean red kebaya, red kurung and red shoes (masa kecik2 la)… ehemmm… white, even though my favourite as well, having a voluptuous structure, white doesn’t really go well as a baju… huhu…. If u know what I mean… so I ended up having white shoes, bed sheets, towel.. bla bla bla…
This week.. eheh… I came across my ‘Red Obsession’ again… my version of it lah.. because I don’t really think anybody else will be devoted enough to do this except me... hehe… me got a Red shoes.. hehe Red Sport Shoes to be exact.. (I remembered somebody has a really yellow sport shoes though..) ehemmmmm….

It is tailor-made to street dance.. (macam la I nak gi menari dkt tepi2 jalan tu kan… tak kuasaaaa)… it’s very light… front part of the shoe is tough enough to seize the ‘house tap’ and yet flexible enough to do ‘samba de janeiro’… auwwwww… me loikeeee! The sole is flat, without ‘jagged edge’ of a running shoes… they even have the circle spot like previous Nike shoes for easy-turning (ya… we like to turn a lot in Bodyjam.. peninnn..) And being a compulsive Bodyjammer, me have lots of Nike dance shoes to tailor to the release of bodyjam… remember BJ45, the butterfly jump, my glow in the dark Airmax (hehe.. my souls sistas have it as well) suits the moves very well… house tap in BJ41 and BJ42, Qvida is the best for my non-cinderella feet… BJ38, ran kan kan latin fascination so this time around, I have NIKE AIR TROUPE!! (and me chose the red one.. ehemmmm… obsessed! obsessed!)

Notice the RED lamp and RED candle holder? :D

That’s the theory of the shoes… never had experience wearing the shoes doing the whole class yet… today I’m so gonna where it while practicing BJ47 with my soul sistas and Ant… care to join?

Notice the RED blanket on my couch and the RED curtain?

Notice the RED carpet? duhhhh......

Let's see, how the shoes have effect on my feet.. blisters? pain? relieve? glamour? gituuuuuu...... will blog more about it after more review and critics... ehemmmmm

December 3, 2008


Remember on the night I went to KLIFF, i wore a selendang over the dress just to cover the bruise? well... it has been a week from the day I got it, and it still there... heyyyy.... so damn malu.... anyone knows how to hilangkan lebam biru hitam yg teramat tuh? kalo tak hilang terus pun, kurangkan sket pun takpe... and makeup won't do any good... believe me.. i've tried... huhu...

(ni dah seminggu tau... u imagine how it looked a week ago.. :P)

December 2, 2008

Me tagging myself.. eheh

First Name - Sharifah Leonora Yuhannees (hamik ko..)
Nickname - Leo or Yoe or Waterlily aka Eva Longoria :D
Day of Birth - Tuesday i think...
Time of Birth - 11.59am (stated on my birth cert.. hehe)
Zodiac sign - Scorpio

This or That
Flowers or Chocolates - Flowers
Pepsi or Coke - Pepsi
Rap or Rock - Rap.. yo yo!
Relationship or One Night Stand - Relationship lorrrrrr.......
School or Work - School!!
Love or Money - Use to be love.. now Money... ;-)
Movies or Music - Movies definitely!
Country or City - Country (resting), City (working)
Sunny days or Rainy days - Sunny days, less jam :P
Friends or Family - Family then friends.. :D

Flower - Waterlily or White rose.
Candy - Any candy...
Song - hmmm...
Scent - fresh grass..
Color - White!
Musical Instrument - Serunai
Movie - Shutter... huauauauaaaaa....
Actor/Actress - Kalo i letak Fasha Sanda mesti kena *hiak dish* kan...
Junk food - keropok
Animal - fish!

Have you ever
Lied - Yep (tipu la sape tak penah menipu tuh..)
Smoked - Nope
Broke someone’s heart - Yep.. regretfully :(
Had your heart broken - a lot :(
Wish you were a prince/princess - Not in a million years.. i want to be a King! hahahah...
Liked someone who was taken - few times
Shaved your head - Tak buleh... religion tak bagi
Been in love - Yep
Used chopsticks - Yep
Sang in the mirror to yourself - sing to my shower with my toothbrush, yes... :D

Ever cried over someone - Yep.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - taller? more cruel?
Do you think you’re attractive - Of coz!!!!
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - i want it to be, Rumpelstilzskin
Do you play any sports - Bodyjam sports kaa?

List eight random facts about yourself and tag your friends.

#1. I love sleeping, dancing and eating
#2. I kinda lost hope for real love :D
#3. I always dream of becoming Ivanka Trump
#4. I wanna own a dance/ muay thai studio.. insyaAllah
#5. I hate roaches.. period!
#6. I'm a horror movie freak, who watches horror movies alone at home in a dim light :D
#7. I love my 2 soul sistas.. *hugs*
#8. I wanna own a fancy car yet not enuff money :P


muka i yg penuh jerawat tensen bekerja.. buwekkkkk (vomit blood) :P