December 27, 2008

BJ47 Launch

fuhhhh...... i would say the launch went very well despite of we were doing it during festive seasons... well... the members are supportive enough to celebrate X'mas with the Bodyjam team.. thanks all!! we work hard every quarter to share with you the dance passion that we 'own' all this while... *wink wink*

No mere words can express more to what i felt during those launches.. and i believe the launch team felt the same as well.. also big thanks and hugs to them.. Anthony, Ken, Kok Hoe, Stephen and Cheryl.. Keep grooming those grooves.. I confidently believe you can do it! and of course my sistas Azyei and Juwita... Your effort will always be appreciated and loved! :D

aside from that.. managed to drag Nizam and Anis (muay thai fellow) to dance with me!! hehe.. and Lys and Mona from the office were with us as well!! yeaaa.... hopefully they enjoyed it as much as me watching them dance on the floor... hehe...

IOI team! First launch for Cheryl... I would say she did very well... Well done gurl!!

With Zarina.. hey hey.. Jam instructor in the making... freshly made from my class in True Fitness Taipan.. heeeeee.........

andddd... Taipan members joined the fun on Xmas eve as well.. thankssss.....

hehe.. Xmas day was as packed as Xmas eve... hmmm... ramai yang takde date macam i rupanya.. hehe this was how Curve's studio sardine packed on that day... again.. thanks u all!!!

and these are the instructors yang sentiasa over!!

hehe.... MOI SISTAS!!

MOI SISTAS jugakss.... ehemmm... p/s: anthony, you pernah couple dengan perempuan tak?


  1. dr jauh da nampak kasut merak,kay....

  2. wah! wish i had been there. . . jealousnya akak. Hve to get myself back into shape and start jamming agn.

  3. hey Kak Leo!! I like ayat u yang ni.. "hmmm... ramai yang takde date macam i rupanya.. hehe".
    hehehehe.. funny pun ada bunyi dia :P
    I think 'jamming' lagi best dari dating kot.. hikhikhik!!

  4. Yee eee .. I saw my BACK in 1 of the pictures! So GREEN! LoL