November 30, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

raya... eat, eat and eat? guilty? hmmmm....

nahhhhhhh....... *woops*

esok.. puasa... tenkssssssssss.........

November 19, 2009

la la laaaaa.......

jom  berkursus di hujung minggu kawan2.... org lain takde keje lain ker???

saya beli baju di Madukara sempena hujung minggu ni kawan2... perlu kerrr????

nanti saya upload gambar2 kami di sini ya kawan2... ada depa kesahh???

nak gi kursus kahwin ngan saya jom? valid seumur hidup uols...

ustaz: "haaa... ni apa kes pakai gini gi kursus kawen?" 
leo: "tema couture la ustaz..."
ustaz: (kruk kruk.. kruk kruk....)
alip: "i rasa ustaz prefer crown lah.."


November 15, 2009

earlier than expected...

arghhhhhhhh......... as the wedding will be in May, I thought I have 6 months more to diet enjoy ... now guess what!?! i only have 3 months!!!

nahhh.... we're not rescheduling our wedding... hehe... just that, i have the honour to be the bridesmaid to our dear friend, Zila. Her wedding will be in February.... *gulp*

pressure people pressure!!!

owh by the way... "zila.. i tak nak la overshadow you nanti kan kan kan.. so kena la dpt approval u dulu kan kan kan... i nak pakai tiara ni nanti bleyyyyy takk...." *sambil kedip-kedip mata manja*


i have ordered my wedding card odi!!! *clap clap clap*

November 12, 2009

jangan takbur!

its' really hard to write if you have too many things in your head.... i'm still trying to figure it out what really went wrong in the past few days..... (not personally of coz.. :D )... totally, unexpected.... i'm being judged for things that are out of my control..... hopefully they will realize that i'm just a human being and maybe they forget that are human as well... hmmm... we're all mortal... if God gives you a good health, be grateful... don't judge people of 'less performance' if they're sick....

being sick is not my choice! stop punishing me for it!!

pissed, disappointed, coughing and sneezing

November 9, 2009


Kadang kadang... Allah memberikan kita rezeki di sini, tapi Dia tarik sikit rezeki di sana.. :)

Takpe.. itu hanya peringatan.. supaya kita lebih berusaha.. menjadikan kita manusia yang lebih tegar... mampu mematangkan lagi pemikiran dan membuka lebih ruang untuk perbaiki dan muhasabah diri.... saya terima semua ini seadanya... :)

Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Kaya..... Saya yakin ada hikmah lain yang menanti... insyaAllah... dengan rumahtangga yang akan dibina, saya lebih mampu dan lebih tabah untuk menghadapi semua dugaan yang telah ada dan yang akan datang....

November 6, 2009

Leonora Version 3.0

"I may be thirty, but I'll always be flirty." - Dane Peddigrew

Have you ever thought that most things are better in threes?  Triple layer cake, triple-decker O’Brien sandwiches, three scoops on a banana split, and three decades of learning to finally be able to claim that you've arrived and can no longer deny being an adult. Hehee…….

Finally you can abandon the insecurities that come with youth. You can rest assured that you've chosen the right career the wrong one. You can finally have a candid conversation with your parents, and laugh about your childhood antics (the ones they knew about, and the ones you thought you got away with). And you can know that the best decades of your life are just ahead of you.

"Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty." – Robert Frost
I’m thirty, today, 5th November 2009!

For those women out there who’s afraid of this age… don’t be… you’ll find that this is the best decade of your life (because I found my love this year *wink*)…. you are more confident (because you finally realized others are just pathetic little peanuts.. ekekekk)… you are more beautiful of course (because you finally know how to makeup and can afford to buy SKII.. ihiks).. you are less dependent  (because you’re earning more! hahah... ) So embrace it! Or do Botox

Last year,  my mum and dad sent me flowers and cake to the office… and of course, this year they did the same…. Hehe

But with a different gesture? Hmmmm…. They managed to get force everyone to write a different bday card for me… hahah….


Moreover.. of course.. from my beloved fiancée.12 roses and a love bear.. auwww....

I need and want you all to know.. how grateful I am to be blessed with such a caring, supporting family members and loved ones… Alhamdulillah… My wish this year… 

Dear Allah, please have all my friends to have the opportunity to experience the happiness of what I’m experiencing now… Aminnnn…
With this strong- based of family and friends institution… nobody, I mean nobody will ever feel alone ever!! *wink* and I want them to feel this too… Thank you so much for having me in your life…. YOU know WHO YOU ARE!!!

owh.. gift?!?! heee... best thing always comes in small package.. opps... guess a guess.. what's inside? huhu....

p/s: can’t wait for another session of bday celebration with sistas and hommies… cu tomorrow nite!!

sleep and smiling...