November 29, 2010

Maternity/ Pregnancy Pillow

hiyeeeee.... my bride to be blog will have to become mummy to be blog from now on... once in a while will go back to brides thingy ok.. hehe.... coz wedding related matters always makes me happy... now baby? lagi happy wa cakap lu......

so today.... we're gonna talk about maternity pillow... why? in case any of you got pregnant.. hehe.. this is the best thing can ever happen to a pregnant lady... serious.. i'm not joking! my personal experience speaks for itself...

at the first stage of pregnancy, the nausea and bla bla bla will be the most annoying thing on earth! and after it passes, then the thought of getting bigger and bigger each day starts to bug you.... u can feel that you are close to insane! or my favourite word which is more accurate to explain what i felt... MEROYAN! :) Then the 2nd trimester comes.. somehow other God just creates this lovely feeling in mummy to be... totally opposite of what you have felt before... feeling flutters and cute little movement in your tummy... auwwwwwwww........

kegembiraan and excitement yg tidak boleh digambarkan dgn kata2.. hehe... terpaksalah menyamar diri jadik baby yg cute!

however... with this undescribable happy feeling, comes with a package... of penguin-looking-body that makes u feel very heavy and when u sleep, u find it hard to find a comfy position that can last long without having any pain in your back, neck or any other part of your body... after that pain in heart and head = MEROYAN!!  :) how to avoid that?

Most doctors now recommend that pregnant women lie on their sides when they sleep. They said this position increases the flow of oxygen to the child as well as helps to facilitate the bodies normal sleep protection, including circulation and the expulsion of waste. Hence, it's good to avoid heartburn as well. But sleeping on your side when you have an extra 7 to 15 kg on your stomach can cause uncomfortable strain and pressure to the hips, back and neck. A maternity pillow or pregnancy body pillow is a great way to help alleviate the pain of sleeping while pregnant and promote the healthy sleeping style! A maternity pillow or pregnancy pillow was intended to be shaped perfectly for a pregnant woman to place her head on, and between her knees at the same time.

Macam mana kah rupanya.... tadaaaaaaaa..........

 haaaaaaaaa....... see how comfortable you can be... seriously... it would be different than having few pillows surrounding you.......

if you googled-it... you'll find other types of pregnancy pillows as well... every woman has different needs from the pillow.. so wic one to choose is up to you.. as for me, i'm looking something like the 1st or 2nd picture.... as i'm very comfy sleeping on my side... thanks to Mommy Meen... now confirmed i can get the pillow at Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Complex... yayy! thanks Ida!!

whom gonna get her dream pillow!

November 24, 2010

Maid! *post without picture... grrrrrr*

because i can't upload images at this time.. i have to skip the maternity pillow's entry and replaced with this one.... MAID!

Should we hire a maid?
Full time/ part time?
Is it necessary?
Do we have any other options?

Since i got to know that i'm pregnant, having a maid is one of the major thing that occupies my mind.... why? because both my husband and i are working... roughly 8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays... what should we do with the baby while we are working? let's work through the scenarios and the options.... how can we cope with a baby (or more :D) later....

1. I resign!
- hmmmm.... for some reason, some husbands/wifes prefer this option the best as the mother will always be the best caretaker of their children.... tolak mak2 meroyan yg cekik anak sendirik tu lah ekk.. lagi satu, tolak mak2 yg 'membenarkan' laki sendiri rape anak... ok... living in KL (contoh satu saje.. sbb saya berada di sini!) is not cheap! full-stop! :)
- expenses.... house, car (2 at least), electricity + water + astro (penting nih ok), food, clothes, child's needs (clothes, pampers, etc), our insurance, child insurance, education insurance.. this is our basic needs.. monthly! i think you can do your own math on how much we need..... yg hutang piutang credit card tu tak kira lagik.. SKII.... barang2 Nike... beli DVD cetak rompak secara pukal! eheh
- so the thought of me resigning is not an option... at least not now.. :) money is one thing... more important, i don't think i can live without working... :) without earning my own money.... without having my own circle of life/ friends.... i do want more stuff from time to time and i'm not gonna put that burden to my husband and i will never will.... if ada rezeki alhamdulillah... if takde, my love for him is not gonna be any less! :) and i'm not gonna die if i can't have Haagen Dazs ice-cream.. haha... yep, my 'extra' thing mostly comes from food!

2. Leave the baby with my mum-in-law (MIL)
- Firstly, i need to say this... i'm blessed and grateful to have a MIL..who is very caring in a lot of ways... just like my mum... :) so.. i'm not gonna take advantage of this...
- Fact: No nenek in this world will say NO to jaga cucu... seriously... if we ask, definitely she'll say YES! ok, let's say we do send the baby to her... meaning by 9am, she will need to feed him, bath him, burp him and bla bla bla... until 6pm! everyday! i don't think i have a heart to let her do that... she's not in her 30s anymore.... near to 60! honestly, i can't imagine, how can any son/daughter let their mums to take care of their child/children while working... somehow.. kejam okeh! tak cukup ke mak besarkan kita adik-beradik.. ni nak suruh jaga cucu pulak... ish! biorle org tua tu rehat2... tgk telenovela... pi jogging pagi2 ke apa ke....
- So again.. no no for me!

3. Leave the baby at nursery 
- So many cases of baby died while in nursery! scarrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

4. Hire a maid
- So many scary stories too... runaway maid and etc...
- Mostly indonesian maid hor... hmm... how about Cambodian maid? not many horror stories yet hor...
- hmmm... something to consider....

With all the scenarios above... i would say, hiring a maid would be the most practical/ logical solution... left only one thing... i'm thinking.. instead of having the maid alone with the baby at home (to illiminate all the scary thoughts)... why don't i send the baby WITH the maid to my MIL's... with this, my MIL can supervise the maid.. she won't be tired and the maid can definitely learn something from MIL.... moreover.. if the baby asleep, the maid can help around my MIL in the house... :) later in the afternoon, the baby and maid will be back to our home.. the baby will be with their parents and the maid will do the housechores... hehehhe.. i like!
hubby.. let's discuss this ya...

dear all.. please be informed that all the above facts/ thoughts are merely from me, myself and i... you are not obliged to follow... and those thoughts and decision are made to cater to my needs.. my situation... other people might not find my solution is the best.. so feel free to explore your own options... but think wise... with your HEAD, not your HEART! *wink* don't be selfish and not to lenient either... bak kata org melayu.. buat baik berpada2.. *tetiber* 

if you have other suggestions/ opinions in mind... feel free to share as well... i think it would help a lot of new parents to be to cope with this situation....

muslim cambodian maid in mind,

p/s: anybody has hire one before? care to share? :)

apa ni takleh upload gambo???

apa ni apa ni apa ni?!?!??!?!?

November 22, 2010

Maternity Pillow

Anyone knows where to buy maternity pillows here in KL/selangor area? I've been to Curve and One Utama... Not even one of the stores have it.... *sighhhh*

Even one store made me close to scream!!

Me : Miss.. Do u have maternity pillows here?
Miss X : maternity pillow arrr? For mother or for baby?

Like harlowwww... Since when got baby pregnant!! Huh!!

One store made me smile sincerely...

Me : Dik.. Kat sini ada maternity pillow tak?
Miss Y : owh sorry kak.. Yg tu takde.. Kita ada fibre, feather and foam biasa je...
Me : *big smile* ni bantal pjg utk org pregnant la dik... Bukan isi bantal..
Miss Y: owh ya ke.. Saya tak tau.. Hehe...

At least she's sincere enuff to admit dat she nvr heard of such term before...

Again... Pls pls.. I want that pillow!!!! Normal pillow not enuff to support my whole 'penguin-like' body! :D lots of ppl say.. "Alahh... Ko susun je bantal byk2.."

Hmmm... Then after one twirl from my hubby, all the pillows will be on da floor... :(
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November 8, 2010

Saya rindu budak ini...

I spent my birthday weekend at A Famosa resort... With my beautiful friends.. And this budak yg sgt comel... Now I'm at home.. Recovering from flu.. Huhu... And yet, missing Layla hor... Sob sobbss....

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November 4, 2010

Pre-bday flowers!!!

Hehe... As usual, my mum (family representative) will send flowers to my office on my bday... Because the date this year falls on public holiday, so the flowers arrived a day earlier.. Heheh...

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November 3, 2010

Syahid buat Arwah Anak Sahabatku....

Darl... i'm not sure what i should say... or what i should do to ease your sorrow... i hope the following article can bring a little bit of peace in your heart.... *hugs n kisses from me*

Ainul Mardhiah merupakan seorang bidadari yang paling cantik dikalangan bidadari-bidadari yang lain.
Suatu pagi (dalam bulan puasa) ketika nabi memberi targhib (berita-berita semangat di kalangan sahabat untuk berjihad pada agama Allah) katanya siapa-siapa yang keluar di jalan Allah tiba-tiba ia shahid, maka dia akan dianugerahkan seorang bidadari yang paling cantik dikalangan bidadari2 syurga. Mendengar berita itu seorang sahabat yang usianya sangat muda teringin sangat nak tahu bagaimana cantiknya bidadari tersebut.... tetapi dia malu nak bertanyakan kepada nabi kerana malu pada sahabat-sahabat yang lain.

Sebelum Zohor, sunnah nabi akan tidur sebentar (dipanggil khailulah, maka sahabat yang muda tadi juga turut bersama jemaah tadi... tidur bersama-sama....

Dalam tidur tersebut dia bermimpi berada di satu tempat yang sungguh indah, dia bertemu dengan seorang yang berpakaian yang bersih lagi cantik dan muka yang berseri2 lalu ditanyanya di manakah dia...
lalu lelaki itu menjawab inilah syurga. Lalu dia menyatakan hasrat untuk berjumpa dengan Ainul Mardhiah... lalu ditunjuknya di suatu arah maka berjalan dia... di suatu pepohon beliau mendapati ada seorang wanita yang tak pernah dia lihat kecantikan begitu... tak pernah dilihat didunia ini... lalu diberi salam dan dia bertanya andakah Ainul Mardhiah... wanita itu menjawab, "tidakk... saya khadamnya.. Ainul Mardhiah ada di dalam singgahsana sana."

Lalu dia berjalan dan memasuki satu mahligai yang cukup indah dan mendapati ada seorang lagi wanita yang kecantikannya berganda-ganda dari yang pertama tadi sedang mengelap permata-mata perhiasan di dalam mahligai... lalu wanita itu berkata... "akulah Ainul Mardhiah, aku diciptakan untk kamu dan kamu diciptakan untuk aku....

Bila lelaki itu mendekatinya wanita itu menjawab... "nanti... kamu belum syahid lagi". Tersentak itu pemuda itu pun terjaga dari tidurnya lalu dia menceritakan segala-galanya kepada satu sahabat lain, namun begitu dia memesan agar jangan menceritakan cerita ini kepada nabi SAW... tapi sekiranya dia syahid barulah ceritakan kepada nabi.

Petang itu pemuda itu bersama-sama dengan jemaah yang terdapat Nabi di dalamnya telah keluar berperang lalu ditakdirkan pemuda tadi telah syahid. Petang tersebut ketika semua jemaah telah pulang ke masjid, di waktu hendak berbuka puasa maka mereka telah menunggu makanan untuk berbuka. Maka kawan sahabat yang syahid tadi telah bangun dan merapati nabi SAW dan menceritakan perihal sahabat nabi yang syahid tadi... dalam menceritakan itu, nabi menjawab benar... benar...benar... dalam sepanjang cerita tersebut.

Akhirnya nabi SAW berkata memang benar cerita sahabat kamu tadi dan sekarang ini dia sedang menunggu untuk berbuka puasa di syurga....

Ar-Rahmaan : 74

Kalam Allah Swt Telah Menceritakan Bahawa Bidadari Adalah Istilah Bagi Individu (Perempuan @ Wanita) Yang

Siapakah BIDADARI Yang Tidak Di sentuh Oleh Manusia @ Jin????
Logiknya....Memanglah Setiap Bayi Yang Meninggal Dunia Itu SYAHID - PUTIH - BERSIH Dan Tidak Pernah Di SENTUHI OLEH MANUSIA @ JIN

Dari Apa Yang Di Beritahu...

BIDADARI Yang Allah Swt Ceritakan Dalam Al-Quran Itu Adalah BAYI PEREMPUAN YANG SYAHID(Meninggal Dunia)....

Oleh Kerana Bayi-Bayi Perempuan Itu Tidak Dapat Mengenali Siapa Ibu Dan Bapanya...Serta Bayi-Bayi Itu Juga Amat Merindui Kasih Sayang Ibu Tercinta :oops: Maka..... Di Syurga Nanti Bila Dah Besar Menjadi Bidadari Yang Memberi Bakti Pada Ibu-Bapa Mereka.

Kalam MU Ya Rahman....

Buat sahabatku.... tiada kata atau perilaku yang  boleh kuberikan untuk mengurangkan pedih, sedih, sayu dihatimu kerana kehilangan puterimu di saat ini... hanya doa yang boleh kupohon... yang pasti puterimu adalah bidadari di sisiNya.... al-fatihah dariku buat puterimu....

Weekend Itinerary!!

1st Day (5th November 2010 - Friday) <---- yaaaa.. satu Malaysia cuti sempena bday i!! ekekek

10.00am:   Meeting up at R&R Seremban

Next stop: R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh <---- want to buy iPanema sandals... lots of sizes still at this outskirt-branch! :)


Afternoon: Taman Buaya & Lunch
                 Check-in & Rehat sambil bermalas-malasan (ahakss!)

Night:      Umbai (dinner seafood BEST!!)

2nd Day (6th Novemver 2010 - Saturday)

Morning:   Breakfast (will be provided)
                A Famosa Waterpark <---- weeeee!!! mummy swims!!!

Afternoon: Lunch at Kari Kepala Ikan
                 Jonker Street (shopping! Woohoo!)
                Menara Tamingsari
                Mahkota Parade
                Dataran Pahlawan

Night:     Dinner
              Night Safari <---- ada ker uols kat Melaka neh? org melaka... anyone? tulonnn.....

3rd Day (7th November 2010 - Sunday)

Morning:   Breakfast (will be provided)
                Free & Easy OR Zoo

12.00noon: CHECK-OUT
                 GOOD BYE MALACCA!!!

olorrr....... da abis weekend.....

November 1, 2010

Mummy penat!

owh... the weekend was a very stressful to the mind....

final destination
drag me to hell
vampire: the turning
underworld: rise of the lycans
my  bloody valentine
halloween: H2O
the orphan


tonite mummy wants to watch HISSSS.... ekekekke