October 31, 2011

EBM mogok??

and it's only from my left boob! :)

i don't know what i've eaten the night before, but my 7am pump gave me a shock for one boob! normal pump between 6 to 9Oz for both...

why one? eheheee... this is my new routine for the last 2 weeks... as I have mastered to bf Armand while lying down so i only feed him using my right boob during 'sleep time'... so, left one is 'not in used'... this method is solely for my advantage as I am laayyyzeeeeee to change my position while 
'sleeping'... moreover, Armand now is more than 8kg... picking him up from one side to the other is no joke!

still struggling to lose weight..

Xin chào VietNam - Part 3

Shopping 2 - An Dong Market

An Dong Market... not as popular as Ben Thanh.... however.. seriously, the cloth material sold here has more variety... and the price varies... really really have to nego... :) cheaper than Ben Thanh... need to compare it apple to apple, meaning, the one in Ben Thanh might be cheaper but the quality might differs.. cotton alone has different grades... careful ya...

poor daddy... he's the one who carried Armand all the way while mummy shops! ekekkeke.... Armand, being an angel throughout the journey... very patient... and of course very friendly to all people he sees... locals snap his pictures and be the center of attention where ever he goes.. mummy even used him to bargain for better price.. hahahha... "can can.. for baby.. baby... gud price..."

And if you wanna buy coffee.. An Dong is the place.. Ben Thanh sells double the price!

2nd Halal Restaurant - Bombay

then we 'tapau' Chapati for 'them' back to the hotel... hehe.. and tetap.. mummy ordered Prata Telur jugak.. erkkk...

3rd Halal Restaurant -Kedai Shamsuddin

Our dinner is at Kedai Shamsuddin at District 10.. very near to District 5, where we stays... Food? hmm.. not so nice... but boley lahhh... best thing about this place, they do delivery to your hotel for an extra Dong20,000 (RM4++). And we ordered for our lunch before we headed back to airport on 25th Oct.

Shopping 3 - Cho Binh Tay (Market)
Look of the place? horrible... ahhaha... i meant it's such a busy place... and the seller is sooo not friendly... hmmm... wonder why...
 oppss... they only do wholesale peeps! not single purchase will be entertained... lantak ko lah... siap kena marah lagi kalo pegang barang kat kedai dia.. mengamuk mak mentua meks!
conclusion... no need to go to this place.. unless you wanna buy at least sekodi kain.. or satu dozen kasut! :)

4th Halal Restaurant - D'Nyonya Restaurant
Sells Nyonya food.. hmmm... yummy also! and the owner is so friendly.. orang melayu kita of course...
owh owh.... si kecik ni suka laaa kalo sampai time makan.. hishhhh

 Mak (MIL) and i... ordering.. Mak sangat lapar tuh.. hehe
to be continued lagik... maap ye... kalo wat satu post, nanti dia takmo update link kat tepi tuh.. huhu...
da penat taip nehhh