October 4, 2011

i like food!

i love to eat!

mummy and daddy made me wait till i'm very near to 6 months to give me not just mummy's milk...

even though this is my first time eating solid.. i can manage to swallow it effortless-ly... eheh... maybe due to the long wait! mummy is very worried if i became obese child *mcm la mummy tu kurus kannn* (tang ni.. mummy dia sentap kejap!)

as much as i like eating... i still have some skill to pose to the camera...

this is my first time on my 'eating chair' as well... i like very much as well.. eheh... carrot puree was my first taste... yesterday... mummy made potato + broccoli... today i still getting the same thing... i reckon tomorrow mummy will make me try something else... what? not sure yet... but definitely only fruits and vege.... ehehhe... go healthy eating!!!



  1. comelnya dia
    dah makan ..cepat besar

  2. ya aunty Anum... saya akan membesar dgn jayanya... insyaAllah.. :)

  3. armand dh start solid food yerr. comel comelsss!

  4. ya Ajan.. mummy dia gegeh mencari resipi neh.. tekad nak buat sume sendiri.. *tinggi sungguh cheta cheta*

  5. nyum nyum...so yummy lh...said armand :)

  6. Yanie.. kalo kuar perkataan tu dari mulut Armand skrg.. hoh.. terkejut mummy n daddy nih.. hehe

  7. ya Aunty Farah... Armand dah besau.. aunty pekabo? ada jaga kesihatan? hehe...