October 31, 2011

Xin chào VietNam - Part 2


eheh... as promised... let's start with the 'pleasure' side of the trip first... :) we went to HCM via MAS on 22nd Oct, flight 5.40pm... arrived at Saigon City at about 7.30pm.. (pada sape yg kurang tau... Saigon adalah nama lama bagi Ho Chi Minh.. time kasih..) Checked in at Arc En Ciel Hotel, at about 30mins drive from airport...
lobby area...

ni gambo dkt website.. melampau lak cantiknya.. takdenya camni... lite2 jek.. 3 stars hotel jek...

hotel is clean, aircond is 'cold'.. hehe... good enough for us... for USD26 per nite for 2 persons, with breakfast.. it is soooo worth it! kalo korg mampooo... duk la Sheraton.. hehe.. sebelah je Saigon Mosque..

Shopping 1 - Ben Thanh Market

i would say... this is the mostly recommended place to go by most websites and people who've been to Vietnam...

it's just like normal market... all sorts of cloths, clothing, shoes, bags, souvenirs and food product. The 'tokey-s' are super friendly but sometimes can be soooo annoyinggggg..... Ayah (dad-in-law) actually screamed at one of them coz she kept pushing him to buy t-shirts at her shop... forcing him to be exact... as for me, i used this excuse...

"no no no... husband say kenot... so kenot..."
"no no no... husband say not nice... kenot buy"

ahahaha.. it works! the cloth especially cotton, viscose and chiffon are cheap! just plain cheap! average Dong200,000 per set... 200,000 Dong is about RM32 and per set is 4m... 
There's a night market along the roadside of Ben Thanh market at night... but since we are traveling with Armand, PIL is not keen to get him out and about at night time.. so we didn't go... the locals said, they are selling the same stuff... so, day and night wouldn't make any difference aite? hehe..

1st Halal Restaurant - Halal Saigon

This is the most famous Muslim Restaurant in Saigon... very pricy... (for Vietnam rate la..) but the food is simply delicious.. :) me likey!!!  

 Vietnamese Coffee... auwwww... must try!! even the breakfast coffee at the hotel taste as nice! kalah starbucks okeh!

Our food... Lala Lemongrass Soup, Sayur bunga apa ntah.. sodappp and Roasted Chicken Fishcake.. we ordered their signature Spring Roll as well.. hmm.. rasa healthy sangat.. ahahha..

pose! and as mentioned on previous post.. this is my 'date' with hubby only.. Armand kena tinggal..

to be continued again... :)


  1. HEHE..SEKALI SEKALA KASI MOM AND DAD DATE LA KAN..:p..JOIN AND ADD KITE YE..:)..http://lynda-mylife.blogspot.com/

  2. "Abang, murah-murah! Abang..." ~ jurujual kat pasar tu.


    Ada satu bahagian kat pasar tu jual barang basah tau, siap ada siang katak real lagi.

  3. kansss... mcm lama giler lah tak keluar date ni.. ekekke...

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  4. ain... ye ke ada katak? owhhnoooooo... seb baik tak pi.. ekekke... kitorg tak pi area pasar basah tu.. PIL takut byk kuman... melekat kat Armand.. hiks!

  5. sis,kain die cntik2 tak??mesti borong kn?hehe~

  6. Yun.. cantikkkkkkkkk... :) takdela borong sgt.. sikit2 je... and semalam dah jahit satu kaftan blouse... haaaa... nanti sis wat entry khas utk projek menjahit lak.. :)