September 30, 2011

uhuk uhuk..

berhabuk sket... sapu sapu dulu... mintak lalu mintak lalu... :) sorry ya darls... mummy Armand mengalami kekacauan jiwa kebelakangan ini! hmmmm... sesungguhnya kesabaran seseorang ada batasnya kan? sabar i dah sampai di atas batas dah ni uols.... tak lama ni terjun batas dah... ekekkekek....

so, to bring happiness into my moments... let's have a look at my savior!

we are watching Melodi last Sunday... daddy is concentrating but Armand is eager to please me with his so called adorable look.. sorry yang.. mummy tak makan saman.. hang duk la ngan daddy lama sket.. hehe

tickle tickle tickle!

there's nothing much i can do with my 'condition' now... only Doa to Allah.... May i'll be given a chance for Rezeki with others... *wink* human has their own capability and capacity... there's this much of it that you can stretch... more than that you'll ended up losing that person... whether he/ she is an asset to you.. well, action speaks louder than words... :)

*tetiber kan mummy ckp gitu.. so tu lah kaedahnya kekacauan jiwa mummy Armand ketika ini.. so mari kita kembali bersama Armand!*

he consumed almost 25oz of EBM at MIL's (from 9am to 4.20pm) weekdays... ouch.. my stock is running low again... and he is allllllwaysssssssss hungry... next 5th Oct is his 6th month bday... with this condition, i might offer him his 1st solid by end of this week... he is hungrier than usual.. *yayy.. can use my Avent steamer/ blender... perlu ke rehearsal dulu uols???*

crawl? not yet... but his moving like a caterpillar now... quite fast odi! Nenek said, all Nenek's low cabinet, became his victim odi... he wants to open all of it and when ppl pull him away.. he'll scream.. hmmm.. Armanddddddd... no noo nooooooooo.... besides the screaming, we just need to know how to play with him all the time and be super duper alert at all times as well... or else.. you can see the boredom appears and he'll start screaming again... haizzzz....

most of the times... everything also will end up in his mouth... even while watching tv!!! 

owhhhh... the commercial is something i don't want to miss! and i'm tired odi sitting... relaxxxxxxxx a bit!

i foresee that the next post of mine will be next week.. hehe.. till then! happy breastfeeding!! *tetiber....*

p/s: Armand has finished all his vaccinations including the Pneumoccoccal + Rotavirus.. (for now) next one will be around his 1st bday!! :)


September 22, 2011

September 14, 2011

As young as 5 months!

Alhamdulillah syukur... i am a mother for 5 month plus.. it has been a joyful journey and i hope the one that i will cherish for as long as i breathe... :) Thank you Allah for the gift and the opportunity.. Semoga saya tabah mengharungi segala dugaan dan cabaranMu Ya Allah... Semoga saya terus menjadi umat yang taat padaMu Ya Allah... aminnnn....

Armand's progress... i would say, nothing much difference to other normal 5months baby... he's getting more attach to my husband and i... but still, he is okay with other people... again.. very user-friendly.. hehe... i guess, this trait of mine will stay with him lor.. :D He's ok in flight... making contact with everybody that passes him.. especially the pretty ones.. hmmm... he's consuming more milk of course.. very playful.. less nap during the day... and the nap only lasts 30mins to an hour top! his current hobby...

guess... he's trying to sit-up on his own... he's not that strong yet.. i monitor him still...

jangan kacau.. i'm beezee....

as usual... mothers are always more excited than their babies... ekekkekek... agree? i'm preparing myself for his first solid... 

1st step.... browsing for recipes.. :)

come mothers..... let's be creative... and save some money..... ekkekeke... also, by making our own baby food, we can be sure that we are not adding any preservatives for our baby! :)

2nd step..... buy a food processor... hehe.. this one is not a must.. again.. just a reaction of an over-excited mother! :) Phillips Avent steamer/ blender... especially bought, solely to prepare food for Armand

Healthwise... ouch... Armand had 'mild asthma' for the past few days... starting with runny nose and coughing non-stop... finally, he's diagnosed with Bronchilitis (rasanya eja cam tu)... i'm not that surprised as asthma 'runs' in the family... it's just sooner or later... with the current weather, paed said, baby is safer inside the house... now he's on meds... seeing him could not sleep because of coughing and stuffy nose sgtlah meruntun jiwa dan raga... huhu... yesterday, hubby and i took the day off to look after him... at least with meds, he can sleep better...

Ya Allah... Sembuhkan lah anakku... aminnnn...


September 8, 2011

'New Look' at the gym!

yayy! alhamdulillah... i managed to workout last night... after a longggggggggg 'holiday' :( remember my workout plan before? well.. it didn't go according to plan at all.... breastfeeding during Ramadhan was very tiring until i have no more energy to workout during Ramadhan... now, i'm re-schedulling my workout plan! :) really really really wants to get back my super-duper-hyper stamina.. so that i can be back fully active teaching Bodyjam! :)

my 1st class with Hijjab... *with Anthony.. bday boy aka one of my bestest fren!*

honestly.. i felt really awkward at first... but i'm determined to carry my 'new look' wherever i go and in whatever i do... insyaAllah...

felt little thinner.. ahahah

p/s: everyday i'm shufflin'... tett teettt tettt.. tet tet tet tet tetttt.... *singin n shufllin*