October 16, 2006

Devil Wears Prada?


hmm... not really lah... angel oso wants to wear Prada... Cudn afford Prada? Summit style always a savior =D heh heh...

Just finished watch the newly launch movie, DEVIL WEARS PRADA... interesting one.. not thaaaattt good, but worth watching... one thing is a definite, the suits, the clothes, the shoes... uuuu... the feeling is like a guy watching Carmen Electra strips her clothes one by one... ;-) now i know, why my 'certain friends' really into branded stuffs... aiyooo, not me lah... can't afford it one thing, i dun even know how to really 'use' them... Prada, Bally, Gucci, Coach, etc... hmmmm, in my dreams will do...

enuff about the sight seeing, time for serious stuff... story line is very simple, yet the moral behind it so deep... depends how u look at it... and what i love about the movie, the conclusion is sooooooo meeeeeee... IT'S ALL ABOUT CHOICE!!! Moreover, YOUR CHOICE!!!

started with a young girl, Andy, looking for a job at a famous magazine company... she's a nerd, with no sense of fashion at all... circumstances makes she wanna dress well and ended up becoming one of 'them'.. u know, Prada girl.. fashion conscious kinda lady... to cut the story short, she's so caught up with the job until, she abandoned her friends and her so called past life.. she got the wake up call when the devil (the boss), said, U WERE THE ONE WHO MADE THAT CHOICE... after that, she quit the job and run back to the precious life that she almost lost... =) my kind of ending... very the good... and thennnnnnn, we've got a discussion to do...

would you leave your personal life for your career? would you risk your loved ones for your fame? make it easier for you.... Money or Happiness?

fuuhhhh... tough question huh.... well, won't blame you, even me having a hard time figuring it out... but a definite is, through experience, money will never ever and ever buy love/ happiness... money is just a compliment to it... you can't bloom love without money but money is nothing if you don't have someone you love to share it with... now, you tell me, which one is more precious? ;-)

for my beloved friends out there, who are so 'into' making money... SLOW DOWN AND BREATH... THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT U'VE MISSED... one of it is ME!!!!! :-* IT'S YOUR CHOICE!!!

October 4, 2006

Salam Ramadhan

I hope it’s not too late for me to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan. It’s time to give our ‘digestion system’ a month break as it worked very hard already for the past 11 months =D Just a friendly reminder to my Muslim friends who are so devoted in fasting, don’t forget your prayers…. Fasting is NOTHING if you don’t pray…. For my non-muslim friends, come lar, try to fast with me… =D good for weight management also you know…

Personally, Ramadhan is my preferred month of the year as I’ll always have enough rest during fasting month. Less outstation/ site visits….Boss also, mellow down a bit…Can go off work early half an hour, nobody ‘kacau’ you when you fell asleep in your cubicle during lunch hour... He he… ramadhan time also, is when my cooking spree starts!! Cook more in Ramadhan than other months as home cooking is much more nice than the ‘beli one’… the risk of getting food poisoning also lesser… And this year particularly, I get a month break from teaching BodyJam!! WEEEEEEE!!!! Only an instructor knows how it feels to have a break once in a while from teaching… but I’m still expecting to replace, though have to turn down 2 replacements already because of ‘bukak puasa’ ceremony with clients… sorry peeps, customer first!! Managed to become a ‘member’ these past few days in FF1st… soooooo niceeeeeee…. Last night, did Sue’s Bodypump and MC Tho’s Yoga… yup! Yoga! Together with Jenny.. Had so much fun in Yoga class… I always felt that I spoilt the whole ‘Yoga feel’ as all sorts of unexpected jokes came out from my mouth, making the whole class laughing =P but again, soooooo niceeeeeee… he he… today, will try anything to join Azyei’s and Anthony’s jam in Uptown… even in Ramadhan, you cannot NOT GO to the gym… I can feel my tummy expanding bit by bit… come on Leo, more BODYPUMP!! Always want to look good on Hari Raya… if I get lucky, maybe can catch a husband.. –lol– hmmmm, talking about husband, missing somebody so much… *sigh* hope he’s doing fine wherever he goes and whatever he does =)

Oh, one more person which I missed the most (my family, tak payah kira la kan), is my another soul sista!!! Juwita!!! Kakakkkkkkk…. Bila nak buka sama2? =( I know you cannot leave home, bcoz bibik wasn’t around.. so, we (k azyei and i) thought of bringing food to your home and we buka puasa together gether laaaa… can? =D who else wanna join?

Muslims believe that Ramadhan is the ‘holy month’…meaning, your prayers will come true and your good deeds will get more ‘pay’. So this is my prime ‘doa’ for this year’s Ramadhan, MAY ALLAH:
Bless my parents/ families/ friends, secure their health and move away all the bad vibes from them
Bless my work and keep me away from doing/ thinking about awful things
Open my heart and my ‘jodoh’, so that we can find each other and have a blessed relationship
Bless my families and friends’ DOA too…
InsyaAllah… Amin….