December 30, 2010

Red and Black Occasion!

owh ya peeps... the wedding season is here again... despite of Malaysia's victory last night in AFF Suzuki Cup... hearing our PM declaring tomorrow as Public Holiday could not be more perfect in timing! eheeee... being 28 weeks pregnant.... with tonnes of work at the office.... plus traveling is not really a good match.... so with extra a day of a holiday means everything to me!!! :)

after few wedding/ engagement receptions last weekend... it's going to continue to this weekend! i'm helping a colleague with his wedding.. again.. charity work to a friend... :) not hantaran this time... but helping him coordinating the caterer, decorator, gifts and etc... my gift to him is only the handbouquet... eheee... it's only small reception... no bersanding bagai.. Their theme is black and red.. after the wedding... i will share the vendors with you in this blog... and of course, their work as well...

wish me luck!

p/s: baby.. we're gonna have extra exercise this weekend ya.. stay with me! luv ya! owh one more.. can we name you Megat Safee? eheeee..... in honour of the Malaysian footballer? :D

December 27, 2010

English Garden's touch!

remember the hantaran that my hubby sibuk duk siapkan sempena krismas tuh? hehe... finally.. it's done... my contribution? susun menyusun sambil makan buah2an itu seketul dua... hehe.. tapi dah buat confession dkt empunya hantaran.. nani ok kan kan kannn... :)

Nani Shaarani... sister to one of my Soul Sista, got engaged to her beloved on the last Xmas Day... we went there quite early... just to eat first before the guests arrived.. ahaha... her mum cook Tilapia Goreng Pedas, Sambal Petai Tempoyak, Sambal Udang and Kerabu Mangga.. perghhhh... mummy and baby very the happy! :)

enjoy her radiant face! and of course.. the Hantaran by my hubby... yeah.. we both kinda obsessed with Wedding thingy.. :)

a bit close-up... from top left... Patchi Chocolate, Cloth for Baju Melayu, Hugo Boss's perfume set, Fruits, Sirih Junjung, Cake and Shoes... and hand bouquet for her too....

Nani, wishing you all the best for the coming wedding, March next year!!

Blogger Frens... hubby and I will definitely be doing the Hantaran Kahwin as well.. what can i say, pls expect more from us.. hahahha.... :)

i want to see movie lorrr.....

Perempuan Berkalong Sorban


Islamic themed film, "Perempuan Berkalung Sorban", based on the novel by Abidah el Khalieqy which was first published by the Yayasan Kesejahteraan Fatayat in Yogyakarta in 2001. Starring everyone's favourite girl next door Revalina S. Temat, who plays Anissa, the daughter of the leader of a traditionalist and very conservative Islamic boarding school (pesantren) in East Java. Her father's school, described as "salaf" or "salafiah", teaches that knowledge must be based on the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah, and that modern works that have no such basis are not to be touched. Annissa struggles with this teaching and she believes that Islam, or her father's version of it, does not treat women fairly. Annissa's opinions are ignored by all around as the musings of a little girl, except by the handsome Hanya Khudori (played by Oka Antara), a relation on her mother's side. Annissa falls in love with him but Oka, mindful of the blood link and his relationship to the girl's father, attempts to kill the romance and flees to Egypt to continue his studies. Crestfallen, Annissa tries to go her own way by enrolling at a school in Yogyakarta but her father rages that an unmarried girl cannot go off on her own, and besides, at her new school she may be exposed to unIslamic teachings. Kyai Hanan, played by Joshua Pandelaky, decides to marry his daughter off to the son of another Salaf school, but it is an unhappy marriage and Anissa later learns that her husband, Samsudin (Reza Rahadian), is a polygamist. Finally her first love Khudori returns from Cairo and their previously interrupted love is rekindled....

article/photo is taken from

I reckon this movie will have some 'controversial' ideas in Islam in certain ppl's views... similar to Arwah Yasmin's Ahmad movies... well... who are we to judge other ppl's views... who are we to interpret ppl's Mazhab of Islam... even degree/ PhD holders from universities all around the world in so many Mazhabs also have dispute when they discuss in details... ask any Haji/ Hajjah who came back from Mekah, they can easily describe to you at least 5 different ways of Solat! wrong or not... it's not in our 'scope of work'! :) personally, i even hate when Mufti/ Ulama in Malaysia itself when they really really fight for their own beliefs.... at the verge of becoming uncivilized human being! :P i wish and hope one day, they only embrace the similarity instead of the difference....

again.. pls help me how am i to 'find' tv al-hijrah on my tv channel... hehe...

definitely gonna write a review on this film!


Yuhainis bukan Yuhannees

yaaaa... kembarku.. kununnya lah.... maduku? kununnya jugak lah... :)

alhamdulillah... Anies married to Shafik on 17th December... very happy for them.. May Allah Blesses them always!!! aminnnnnnnnnn..............

what i'm doing in the office today again?? :D

December 24, 2010

My Disappointment continues.....

Sime sues ex-CEO Group seeking RM338m in damages from Zubir, 4 others

By Zaidi Isham Ismail and Azlan Abu Bakar

KUALA LUMPUR: Conglomerate Sime Darby Bhd has sued its former group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Zubir Murshid and four senior executives over their alleged roles in the massive RM1.7 billion losses suffered by its energy and utilities (E&U) division this year.

The executives, all under the E&U division, are former Sime Darby Energy Sdn Bhd vicepresident Datuk Mohd Shukri Baharom, chief financial officer Abdul Rahim Ismail, head of oil and gas Abdul Kadir Alias and senior general manager of Sime Darby Engineering, Mohd Zaki Othman.

"They are being sued for breaches of duties owed to the Sime Darby Group.

"The Sime Darby Group is claiming from the defendants, inter alia, restitution for monies wrongfully paid out, damages for losses suffered, loss of profit, aggravated damages and costs," it said in a statement yesterday.

Zubir and the other executives could not be reached for comment.

Sime is claiming at least RM338 million from the five, with almost half of that from Zubir and Shukri. It is also seeking damages for losses caused by them in three projects and any aggravated or exemplary damages.

Specifically, the suit deals with three projects, namely the Bulhanine and Maydan Mahzam project with Qatar Petroleum, the Maersk Oil Qatar project and building of marine vessels for the Maersk Oil Qatar project.

Read more: Sime sues ex-CEO<br>Group seeking RM338m in damages from Zubir, 4 others


December 22, 2010

More Pillow - Coccyx Pillow

ehee... yeah... i'm am so fascinating will all sorts of pillow nowadays... :) this time it's a COCCYX PILLOW!

Coccyx or tailbone's 'health' is very important during and after pregnancy.... being at 27th week of my pregnancy... now i can feel the pain at the tailbone... when i sit, when i lay down, when i walk and bla bla bla.... as usual... i browsed the internet to find the 'cure'... well... guess you don't want to expect any clear cut cure for any pain during pregnancy.... boo myself!

The furthest thing you can get is a method to reduce the pain and hopefully it will go away somehow... boo myself again! and yaaaa... now i'm looking for wedge pillow or doughnut-looking pillow... not 1, not 2, but 3 pcs!!! one for the office chair, one for my car and one for at home... hohoho! searching for any Xmas present for me? these pillows would be nice! eheh....

sakit montot!

December 21, 2010

Heaven nyaaaa.....

feels like heaven when u have a 12-hours deep sleep!!! ahahhahaha..... baby also very tired last nite i think... no 'disturbance' to mummy until this morning... auwwwww..... love you son!

son misses daddy!

December 18, 2010


Had the normal pregnancy checkup yesterday.... i don't know why, everytime when i went to see the doc, my heart will beat very fast.... it's even faster than the akad nikah time.. hehe... maybe because i'm worry... i feel that i'm not ready to hear any bad news.. what if this..... what if that.... *me no like!*

For the first time, the gynae asked me so many things instead of me doing all the talking... how's my hands? legs? tummy? any cramps... headache... how bout appetite... owh.. feel like in an interrogation room okeh! then she explains why... *phew* feel a lot relief... ekekkekekkkk.... i'm just being paranoid... she convinced me that it's normal for any pregnant ladies to feel that way... moreover this is the first one...

then it came to the scan part.. my favourite! :) the monitor couldn't fit the whole baby already!! eheee... he's soooo big! in my eyes lahhh... cos the last time i saw him, he can still twirl inside my tummy, still so many space in my uterus... this time, no more twirling... my uterus seems a bit small for him.. he's weigh more than 1kg odi! *clap clap* and yep... soooooo confirm the baby is a HE! ekekkek... time to babynames search! then doc let me hear the heartbeat again... strong as before.. it's a good sign... alhamdulillah... the unexpected part.... doc moves the probe to his head, and we can see the whole head on the monitor... masyaAllah.... he's 'talking'! his mouth open/ close quite few times... and very big opening.. ahahahh.... hubby said he's doing vocal practice... ahemmmm... yaaa right! so like daddy's son! :P doc just laughed... maybe it's normal for her to see babies open their mouth in tummies.. hehe.. not for us lor...

all in all.. Alhamdulillah.. looking forward to hold in my arms... insyaAllah end of March/ early April...

pic courtesy of CorbisImages

happy feet!

December 16, 2010

Penantian Satu Penyiksaan!

delivery in AUSTRALIA?!??!?!??!? what?!?!?!?!??!

i want my maternity pillow!

Family day!!!

tomorrow i'm off to Port Dickson for our bi-annual Family Day.... i missed the recent one in Pangkor back in June.... so i'm gonna make sure i'll have a lot of fun this weekend!!! yay!!!!

p/s: this is the baby 1st visit to PD... hehe


December 14, 2010

Things That are Random About Me

mowning peeps.... Yanie has tagged me... i think i did this tag sumwhere before... so i reckon it was gizzilions weeks back... hence the random things about me might change currently... ehehe... so, let's do it again!

1. I'm doing this at the office *matilamak kalo boss baca*
2. I have updated my CV! *maksudnya???? matila lagik kalo boss baca*
3. I'm 25 weeks preggie... and yes, by random.. no plan.. haha
4. I have yet to find babynames... errkkk... my hubby? not sure... he can be so secretive sometimes.. :)
5. We got baby seat as present from Kak Nita.. tapi Kak Nita kata, nanti dah bersalin bagi lain nanti... maknanya, yg tu pre-present?? hehe
6. InsyaAllah, i'm having my baby at SDMC, Subang Jaya
7. I want a new car.. Suzuki SX4 sports crossover pelisss....... tenkssssss....
8. I miss my old gym buddies.. i.e: Jimmy, Claire and Ann Jet... mana sume depa pegi ya.. *sigh*
9. I want to go to New Zealand!
10. I want to go to Bora-bora Island!
11. I want to go to Hawaii!!
12. I want to take Scuba diving license... dah mengandung ni.. kena tunda la ya..
13. My hubby wants to go to Bali again!
14. I think he wants to go now!! *sentip meks*
15. 3 ppl resigned this month at the office... sob sobb...
16. My 'little sis' passed to be a Bodyjam presenter!!! yayyy!!!!
17. I've been in Oil & Gas industry for almost 8 years.. damn! i'm old! :P
18. Got to know from Twitter that CikYus works offshore frequently.. hehe...
pheww phewwww.... 7 more to go!
19. I've bought flite ticket for my mum during my confinement.. ahahha... but didn't bought the return ticket... hopefully Lid tak panggil balik awal.. ahhaha
20. Saya rasa nak makan keropok lekor!
21. I'm hooked at FitFor2 class... exercise classes for Pregnancy ppl! :) highly recommended! from the bottom of my heart...
22. I have freezed my Fitness First membership starting January... huhu... kenot Bodyjam anymore leh....
23. I think i'm gonna 'force' my hubby to take the PVR function for our Astro.. ehhe
24. We have yet to buy any baby stuff!!! aiyak!! *terbeli romper ritu mcm tak kira jek... ehhe...*
25. I'm very most grateful of having a wonderful life, surronded with wonderful families and friends blessed with the never-ending rezeki... Alhamdulillah....

yelah yelah.. back to Roberto's proposal.. :P

December 13, 2010

Best wait yet...

waiting for my mum to arrive from Kelantan....... yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: jealous of anybody who can see their mom everyday... :P boo-yoo! tak aci!

errr... sleeepyyyyyy....

December 10, 2010

Still stress in the office.. let's look at baby pics!

hehehe.... have u ever thought that chubby babies/ toddlers always cuter than the one with normal weight? heheh... kan bagus if it applies to adults as well.... :)

p/s: all photos are courtesy from Google Images!

Hantaran in the making...

We have another project.. Engagement ceremony on 25th Dec... Dress by Madukara Suteramas of course... And hantaran by my hubby.. Hehe.. Yesss.. My hubby loves to do hantaran too.. I'm blessed to have met hubby that shares the same passion as mine...

As usual, if it's his project.. My job will be... Pusing reben.. Ikat reben.. :) and apa2 lagi yg disuruh.. Theme will be english style.. Will post detail when we're done with it!! :)

Now heading to McD for lunch! Ekekkk...

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December 9, 2010

Movie = De-stressed!

Everybody has their bad day at the office... I have a bad week at the office!!! :p no need to give details... This thingy just enough to make me go insane!!! Da last thing I remembered that I love bout this week is Rapunzel!! Heheh... Sooooo... I bought tickets for Narnia tonite!!! :p hopefully I can sleep better afterwards with the baby 'shuffling' non-stop and tomorrow will bring me no-headache!!


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Update on Dream Pillow

Finally my Paypal can work... Ahahahahh... So bimbo nowadays... Successfully made payment.. Seller said the price is already inclusive tax/duties and etc.. But he's yet to confirm the delivery date... Haizzzz.....

haizzzz lagikkkk....

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December 6, 2010

Mummy's growth...

I have few friends who are worried, sad or perhaps disturbed of their weight gain during pregnancy.... i don't blame them coz i felt the same too... hahah... some of them even really really discrete about their current picture.... owh owh mind.... *hugs hugs* well.... i think i found a way to make us feel better.... why don't we just share our current pictures and laugh our heart out??? ahhahah... by revealing the following pictures... i hope i can make them feel better... at least to convince them that they are not aloneeeeeeee........ :)

 went to Taman Negara Bako... hiking not planned... hmmmm... andddddddddddd i didn't know that i'm pregnant at this time!

and yaaaa.... i did this in my early pregnancy! yikesss!!!

ehee... with Meen... at a friend's wedding.... 1st trimester... no bump yet... still looking 'normal'...

Went to Cameron Highlands for a friend's birthday celebration for a weekend... got to say i enjoyed this trip very much! being warm because of your pregnancy (2 months preggie i think), Cameron Highlands was the best solution! hehe... this is the time also... u can only fit to your husband's t-shirt! :P

Another friend's wedding.... hehe.... saje je letak gambar ngan Cikgu Siti... cos at this point i'm kinda obsessed with the tele-movie... :) epilog.. errr... sumtin sumtin... 3-4 motths preggie... can see that my face grows wider... hehe...

This was taken last Thursday in True Fitness Taipan... joining an introduction of a new program.... and my bump grows wider as well... ekekekkekk....

 and yeahhhhhhhh......... this is the latest of me! taken on 4th Dec at Bodyjam Launch... ehee... no more dancing for me.. just there to take pics... :) 24 weeks pregnant! alhamdulillah..... new haircut... so lazy to take care of long hair when you are pregnant...

From Kuching trip.. i was 69kg. As of 4th Dec 2010, i'm 76kg!!! :) 24 weeks = 7kg increase... i try to limit myself to go max at about 15-18kg... errr... hopefully i can... why? i think most moms know that too much weight increase is not good for you and your baby... yet, dieting also is no good... haizzz... susah ok pregnant nehhh... being a 'big girl' myself, i try... again.. try.... on cutting down sugar and carbo... meaning choco + ice-cream = twice a week... :) no carbonated drinks.. coffee once in awhile.. (for a coffee drinker.. this is a very proud thing okeh!)  and changing to whole meal bread and multi-grain rice... gain weight healthily.... :)
exercise twice weekly, swiming regularly and monthly urut (with Bidan/ tukang urut utk org mengandung ya.. not reflexology  ya..) is a must! resulting = no water retention + no leg cramps + less back pain :) syukur, until now, i'm still wearing the same size of shoes as before.. size 7.. :) now i'm keeping my eyes on my nose! because i saw most of my friends who got pregnant will have a bigger nose! errr..... scarrrrrryyyyyyyyy..... my nose big odi... no biggger lahhh.....

i'm trying to get myself a photo of me doing wkout during pregnancy... to share with you... and to tell you how easy it is!!! :) what you learn, you can practice is at home... mummy to be, don't be lazy okeh... :)

happy mummy-to-be

December 3, 2010

Let's get back to wedding! :)

hehe... i'm clearing my camera as the memory card is full.. and came accrossed a set of hantaran! heheh..... this is my first attempt, to make hantaran for other people.... :) i't's my present to a colleague at work.... free service for hantaran... she wanted pinky stuff... not too crowded.. simple but sweet... so.. this is what i came up with.. enjoyyyyyyy......... :) feel free to copy ada ke org nak tiru??.... hehhe... i don't mind at all... i spent around RM250 for everything (9 trays)... haaaaa.... not included the main stuff of course....

 did i mentioned that i finished all the things in 3 days? :) erkkkk 3 nites to be exact... ekkekekek.....

still hoping to hug the maternity pillow.... *piu piu piu*

December 2, 2010

OP - for baby's photography

I am thinking of having baby's photography session soon... insyaAllah.... usually we only focus on wedding photography... yet i have never known of any famous baby photographer in Malaysia.... anybody knows any? please share it here.... any photographer wants to introduce themselves? please do so.... :)

don't you want to capture this moment??

how about this???
both pics are courtesy from Raye Law's photography... apologize for sharing it in my blog.....

berangan tak abis-abis...