December 22, 2010

More Pillow - Coccyx Pillow

ehee... yeah... i'm am so fascinating will all sorts of pillow nowadays... :) this time it's a COCCYX PILLOW!

Coccyx or tailbone's 'health' is very important during and after pregnancy.... being at 27th week of my pregnancy... now i can feel the pain at the tailbone... when i sit, when i lay down, when i walk and bla bla bla.... as usual... i browsed the internet to find the 'cure'... well... guess you don't want to expect any clear cut cure for any pain during pregnancy.... boo myself!

The furthest thing you can get is a method to reduce the pain and hopefully it will go away somehow... boo myself again! and yaaaa... now i'm looking for wedge pillow or doughnut-looking pillow... not 1, not 2, but 3 pcs!!! one for the office chair, one for my car and one for at home... hohoho! searching for any Xmas present for me? these pillows would be nice! eheh....

sakit montot!


  1. alolo sakit montot ek..siannya.....kat mesia ni mmg jarang jumpa pillow yg mcm tu...yg biasa byk la kan...apa kata beli kekabu then suh sape2 jahit mcm tu hehehehe

  2. sakit montot ek.. haruslah ada itu pillow ya.. takpun pakai je bantal kusyen utk lapik..hehe..