December 9, 2010

Movie = De-stressed!

Everybody has their bad day at the office... I have a bad week at the office!!! :p no need to give details... This thingy just enough to make me go insane!!! Da last thing I remembered that I love bout this week is Rapunzel!! Heheh... Sooooo... I bought tickets for Narnia tonite!!! :p hopefully I can sleep better afterwards with the baby 'shuffling' non-stop and tomorrow will bring me no-headache!!


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  1. farah... leo frust sket arr ngan citer ni... compared to 1st and 2nd... kureng sket.. kena plak mcm membazir beli 3D.. tak guna punss... ala2 sea serpent ngan dragon je nampak menarek.. yg lain.. biasa2 sajer... lagi i enjoy tgk Ngangkung... ahahahh...