December 14, 2010

Things That are Random About Me

mowning peeps.... Yanie has tagged me... i think i did this tag sumwhere before... so i reckon it was gizzilions weeks back... hence the random things about me might change currently... ehehe... so, let's do it again!

1. I'm doing this at the office *matilamak kalo boss baca*
2. I have updated my CV! *maksudnya???? matila lagik kalo boss baca*
3. I'm 25 weeks preggie... and yes, by random.. no plan.. haha
4. I have yet to find babynames... errkkk... my hubby? not sure... he can be so secretive sometimes.. :)
5. We got baby seat as present from Kak Nita.. tapi Kak Nita kata, nanti dah bersalin bagi lain nanti... maknanya, yg tu pre-present?? hehe
6. InsyaAllah, i'm having my baby at SDMC, Subang Jaya
7. I want a new car.. Suzuki SX4 sports crossover pelisss....... tenkssssss....
8. I miss my old gym buddies.. i.e: Jimmy, Claire and Ann Jet... mana sume depa pegi ya.. *sigh*
9. I want to go to New Zealand!
10. I want to go to Bora-bora Island!
11. I want to go to Hawaii!!
12. I want to take Scuba diving license... dah mengandung ni.. kena tunda la ya..
13. My hubby wants to go to Bali again!
14. I think he wants to go now!! *sentip meks*
15. 3 ppl resigned this month at the office... sob sobb...
16. My 'little sis' passed to be a Bodyjam presenter!!! yayyy!!!!
17. I've been in Oil & Gas industry for almost 8 years.. damn! i'm old! :P
18. Got to know from Twitter that CikYus works offshore frequently.. hehe...
pheww phewwww.... 7 more to go!
19. I've bought flite ticket for my mum during my confinement.. ahahha... but didn't bought the return ticket... hopefully Lid tak panggil balik awal.. ahhaha
20. Saya rasa nak makan keropok lekor!
21. I'm hooked at FitFor2 class... exercise classes for Pregnancy ppl! :) highly recommended! from the bottom of my heart...
22. I have freezed my Fitness First membership starting January... huhu... kenot Bodyjam anymore leh....
23. I think i'm gonna 'force' my hubby to take the PVR function for our Astro.. ehhe
24. We have yet to buy any baby stuff!!! aiyak!! *terbeli romper ritu mcm tak kira jek... ehhe...*
25. I'm very most grateful of having a wonderful life, surronded with wonderful families and friends blessed with the never-ending rezeki... Alhamdulillah....

yelah yelah.. back to Roberto's proposal.. :P


  1. Item 6-->SDMC Ara Damansara will be open in January. Bersalin kat situ. Hospital baru. Doctor lama..kekekekeke

  2. boley percaya ke bukak January?? kureng pecaya sket janji2 pelesu Sime neh.... :P

    p/s: spital baru nanti jumpa hantu baru uols... susah nanti.. kalo kat subg dah biasa... ahahahha....