December 30, 2010

Red and Black Occasion!

owh ya peeps... the wedding season is here again... despite of Malaysia's victory last night in AFF Suzuki Cup... hearing our PM declaring tomorrow as Public Holiday could not be more perfect in timing! eheeee... being 28 weeks pregnant.... with tonnes of work at the office.... plus traveling is not really a good match.... so with extra a day of a holiday means everything to me!!! :)

after few wedding/ engagement receptions last weekend... it's going to continue to this weekend! i'm helping a colleague with his wedding.. again.. charity work to a friend... :) not hantaran this time... but helping him coordinating the caterer, decorator, gifts and etc... my gift to him is only the handbouquet... eheee... it's only small reception... no bersanding bagai.. Their theme is black and red.. after the wedding... i will share the vendors with you in this blog... and of course, their work as well...

wish me luck!

p/s: baby.. we're gonna have extra exercise this weekend ya.. stay with me! luv ya! owh one more.. can we name you Megat Safee? eheeee..... in honour of the Malaysian footballer? :D


  1. bubuh khairul fahmi pun ok hahahaha

  2. eheee... tu player kelantan.. kureng berkenan.. ahhaha... nanti besar bdk kecik ni suka bakar kusi kat stadium... muleh cenggitu? padahal diri sendiri org kelantan neh.. :D