January 2, 2011

2011 - Welcome Jr.

In the name of Allah and Allah's will... i'll be having an addition to my joy.... a fulfillment to my journey.... more colours to my life and a new bloom in my heart....

In 12 weeks or so... i'll be a mother!!! i wish i am strong like my mother... i wish to strive hard to educate my child like my mother.. and definitely give the best of my love to my child like my mother! the nearer the date to my delivery.. the more i feel like calling my mom everyday and tell her how much i love and appreciate her... huhu... although she knows it... i still gonna tell her endlessly! and it always brings tears of joy to my eyes to hear the radiant in her voice in every conversations that we have!! May Allah blesses her with long live happiness and healthy life!

that's my mom! in red! :)

love u mom!

p/s: did i tell u my mum had sewed  the baby mattress, 12 baby pillows and bought us baby cot + accessories for Jr.? hehe... grandma is as excited as mummy! u're very lucky Jr.!


  1. wah...granny lebih excited ni. same with my mom & dad la. cucu sulung ekk

  2. awe..... ur mom mmg the best !!

  3. awwww...sgt sweet hokehhhh.....gerenti bantal and tilam kekabu ni....best!

  4. relyza... takde la cucu sulong... she has 6 odi.. hehe... tapi my youngest niece da darjah satu dah... and bro n sis dah totop kilang... so dah lama family kitorg takde baby kecik... :)

    june... haaa tu windu my mom kena mai p mas lagi tuh.. hehe.. meh meh...

    nani.. tilam ya kekabu.. bantal mcm tak.. eheh...

  5. congratulation to be a mummy soon sis!!! haha, grandma pun excited mcm mummy baby:) hope u r happy with the becoming baby soon!!!!

  6. thanks.... salam kenalan to you Fifi! :)