January 13, 2011

Maternity Pillow - Malam Kedua

After few drama scenes (in my head) yesterday, i called kakak bidan mengurut... hehe.... she came and brought air selusuh also for me... as usual, i like her massage.... very funny when she massaged around the tummy area, i can feel Jr is 'running away' from her... ahahha.... of course after session... body feels better... and automatically your mind is not so serabut odi... hehe...

any preggers out there who wants to her service... feel free to call her... Kak Pah 013-3089505.. she specializes in preggers and babies.. kebolehan turun temurun katanya... most important thing, no hanky-panky during her service.. i mean no 'pengeras' pelik2... telur ayam ke.. pulut kunyit ke... ketuk2 ujung katil ke.. takde sume tuh.. khurafat! she also brings a Doa' book with her... then she will share with mummy to be... which one is good to be practised during your pregnancy... and if she asked where u got her number, tell her Leo from USJ1 gave it to you okeh... :) owh... she does service for confinement too... in case you are still looking for one... booked her for mine odi.. :)

Done about massaging... back to main topic! my newly arrived pillow!

You know what happened on the first night... well... 2nd night turned out to be perfect! my hubby was at home whole day long.. coz he's finishing his latest Hantaran project... so... he's not that tired compared to the night before... :) so, no DUSH and KETEPAP on me! ehhehe.... i hugged the pillow all night long.. and turned from side to side holding the pillow as well... very comfy... and i didn't wake up for pee-ing... hmm... that's not the pillow.. it's the massage.. hehe.. usually Kak Pah will put the baby in certain position, so that the mom will feel more comfy... in other words.. baby away from bladder.. hehe...

Farah.. Nisa'... sorry.. no picture of me with the pillow.. again.. i look like makcik2 if i'm in my 'kaftan'... no like! no like! hehe.. so i took the picture from eBay... mine looks exactly like that ok.. :)

Happy working peeps!


  1. hi leo..ooo mcm tu rupanya..oklah..even its not u yg baring hehehehe so kalau ada rezeki i'm pgnant nnti, leh x u bgtau how to buy...sbb fara ni mcm jakun sket nk order brg dari oversea ni hahah xretilah !

  2. hehe definitely gonna get 1 for myself! harga dia haitu sume dah masuk tax kan Kak Yoe? Since shipment lama, kene order awal2 nih.. heh giler semangat nih!

  3. farah... nanti i buat entry khas camne nak beli from eBay ni k... i pun jakun gak.. baru 1st time neh... punya la gegeh time carik bantal ni dulu....

    nisa'... ada blogger ckp dia ada beli kat Modernmum kat Alamanda... it doesn't look like this.. a bit shorter... but u can have a look at it 1st... in case u berkenan yg tu, then xyah tunggu.. hehe... harga ritu, yes, termasuk sume.. shipping, tax bagai... shipment sbnrnya tak lama.. tapi kebetulan akak order time org sebuk ngan xmas + new year... so shipment akak di-delaykan.. hampeh! from diorg hantar, then akak terima.. lam seminggu jek sbrnnya...