January 25, 2011


Why have I felt so absentminded since I've been pregnant?

Many pregnant women say their short-term memory isn't up to par during pregnancy, particularly during their first and third trimesters.

It certainly seems to make sense: In your first trimester, you may be distracted by thoughts about this new adventure you're beginning or worries about your baby's health, as well as exhausted and nauseated from the hormonal changes you're undergoing. During your third trimester, you may be overwhelmed or just plain distracted by the huge life changes you're about to experience and again exhausted if you're having trouble getting a good night's sleep.

source from Babycenter.com

haizzzzzzzz........ seriously... it makes me very angry at myself sometimes because of this... and hubby kerutkan dahi byk kali because of this... but now he just ignore it coz i keep forgetting almost everything almost all of the time! it can go as fast as this...

Me: nak bawang goreng tak dlm sup ni?
Hub: boleh gak....

2 mins later... served him the soup...

Hub: mana bawang gorengnya?
Me: *sengehhhhh sajerrrrrr sambil mengambil bawang goreng di dapur*

ngeeeeeee........ sowiiiiiiiii............ and so many other things happened and i forgot what it was.. ahahha.... and today i left my blackberry at home.. hmm.. no twitting and no FB-ing for me today at work.. ekekkeke....

hopefully this 'disease' will be gone after i gave birth to Jr. Kalo tak, mau tertinggal baby kat mana2.. pastu lupa... haiyoooo.... matilamak!

Trying not to forget to post this! :)


  1. haha.. that's normal.. masa pregnant dolu pon memang I selalu lupa.. benda2 yg kecik2 pun buleh lupa.. lagi teruk bila selalu lupa nak sign-in bila masuk opis..pas deliver sok lusa ok lah tu.. :D

  2. org2 tua ckp kalo preggie baby boy mmg jd pelupa kata nyer.... maybe cos of dat kot