January 6, 2011

Panic Attack vs Pillow

remember my Maternity Pillow??? finally the track and trace from Royal Mail has changed.. and the delivery is going to Malaysia instead of Australia... fiiiiinaaallllllyyyyyyyyyy.......... they blamed it on Xmas and New Year's season... Since 12th Dec until 4th Jan, Pos Malaysia said, this item is not registered in the customs yet... meaning it's still with Royal Mail.... i've checked their website today and tadaaaaaa........... it's coming! it's coming!!! :) hopefully i can get it in 2 weeks time... and hubby... sowwiii.. the pillow gonna take more of your place in the bed yaaa... eheeeee....

owh... yesterday around 3pm.. i got a panic attack! Jr didn't move since lunch!!!! haiyoooo.... Can u imagine how i felt? i tried to wake him up.. by moving around... patting my tummy... and yep.. nothing from Jr.! i tried calling SDMC (Dr Siti's (CT) clinic) for several times but it's either no answer or engaged... my next checkup is 14th Jan... shud i wait?? And suddenly i remembered what she said on my last checkup 3 weeks ago... "if you feel anything not right with u or the baby, come and see me straight away.. don't wait!"

apa lagi... mak pecut la Gen-2 buruk mak tuh..... sambil2 BBM laki meks... he said he'll meet at the hospital... nak nanges dah nehhhh

lucky me.. Doc CT is still in her clinic, with her last patient on that day.. i managed to register first and with panic look i told Doc CT what happened.. and she just smiled at me! chettt (my immediate reaction).... and Doc said, "breathe... come come.. let's see the baby at the monitor"... the situation seems very normal to her... especially for first time mummy i think.... 1st thing she did was let me hear the baby's heartbeat... ehheee.. very strong as usual... alhamdulillahhhhh.... she smiled again and said, "ok... puas hati???" ahahahhh... and we both laughed... then she focused the probe at Jr's face and said.. "see.. this is what happened.. baby just changed his sleeping time.. he's in deep sleep.. and baby will change their sleeping hours, from time to time.. tgk mood dia.. :)" me still giggling.. lega pun ada.. malu pun ada.... then she continues with the measurement of everything else... Jr. is now 1.44kg!! haiyooo...he gained 400g in 3 weeks! my amniotic fluid is good... placenta is not low... aka everything is normal... *phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* then Doc CT taught me how to be more precise in baby's movement.. i should check in 10-hours span... in 10 hours, the baby should NOT have LESS than 10 movements... if it's less... than you know something is not right.... hmmm.... i think Jr. 'shuffled' more than 20 times in one hour! ahahha.... so if he sleeps for 3 hours straight after that, without no movement whatsoever, i should give him the rest isn't it? :D

then, met hubby at the lobby... i looked at him with muka seposen yg tak bersalah langsung... and he just smiled back... back home.. me story to him the whole thing lorrr.....

relieved mummy-to-be,


  1. alhamdulillah...nasib baik xde pape...

  2. tulah... *phewwwwww* and next week i'm doin my MGTT tuh... wish me luck! :) kaki u bengkak lagi?

  3. alhamdulillah.. Kak Yoe, keep on monitor the baby movement. Sbb it will get less and less till the last week come. Biasala..baby dah makin besar, ruang nak gerak pun dah sempit. But that 10 movements should be monitored without failed. I heard a few scary stories that my sis (also a Gynae) told me.. so mintak dijauhkan..
    Remember, a few set of movements in ONE time is considered ONE movement tau. The 10 movements should be monitored as separate movement throughout 10 hours! EG : If baby moves his hands+legs+head together in ONE short time, that is ONE movement. One more thing, Kak Yoe ada rasa tak mcm sometimes baby got 'hiccups" inside? If you do, that is NOT considered a movement.
    I'm sure they mentioned this in your antenatal class. Those tips are all useful!
    Keep us update Kak Yoe!

  4. nisa'... btul btul btul... :) btw, this Jr moves ikut 4x8... ahhaha....

  5. nisa betul..I pun buat benda yg sama for the past few weeks.. in 10 hours, less than 10 movements, itu memang ada sumthing wrong.. but hopefully semua ok ya.. dun worry..

    MGTT adalah part yg plg tak ske.. manis banget air gula iteww.. rasa nk termuntah minum coz manis yg teramat.. harap2 takde diabetes ya..