January 19, 2011

FREE pregnancy personal training!!

hello bloggers...especially MOMMY-TO-BE!!!!

One of my friends works for FIT... what is FIT? it's a fitness certification and training centre... they hold lots of fitness certification and one of them is Training Pregnant & Post-partum clients... during the course, participants kinda need to customize a program for preggers as part of their training syllabus... in a way, they need 'volunteers' to help them to finish the course...

sooooooooooo........ if any of you, is up for any FREE 1:1 personal training, customize solely for preggers, please leave your contact number and details to my inbox: leonorahalim@gmail.com

i've been one the volunteers and still am.. :) it's fun and moreover it's FREE! they only need the most 2-hours of your time.. the trainer will call you and arrange it at your convenience time... place? up to you.. whether u prefer it to be at your own house, the studio or a playground near your housing area.... ehehhe....

do you know a session of pregnancy personal training would cost us around RM100 per hour??

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