January 30, 2011

Insurance for Jr.

ready for a boring post to read on Monday morning (if not tonite)? ehehheeh....

i was brought up in a family who really really stress on education.... by hook or by crook... we (kami adik beradik) are kinda 'force' to go to school and STAY there until we got our degree (with our choice of field of course.. :D )... alhamdulillah.. we're all get through it.. my bro was the longest i think coz he took Diploma first and Degree later.. hats off to him.. as i was and still very laaaaaaazeeeeeeeeeeee when it comes to.. reading and study.. hehe... i still don't read until now.. errr.... i know, it's bad.. well everybody has their own way of learning and for me reading is sooooooo not helping.. ekekkek...

so... when i got to know i'm pregnant, 1st thing came into my mind is saving up money for Jr's education... then i start to browse around.. calling insurance company.. unit trust.. savings.. bla bla blaaa... then one day, i saw Dato Sheila Majid on tv, doing a commercial on PRUmy Child by Prudential... hmm.. interesting... apparently, PRUmy child is the 1st Insurance / Savings Plan in Malaysia that provides protection to a fetus as well as the pregnant mother . If you have children under the age of 18, you can also buy this plan for them for lifelong complete protection and guaranteed education savings

yep.. definitely what i am looking for! it's an education savings with medical benefits + life insurance as well... you can read details on the links above.. you can take as early as 18 weeks of your pregnancy and it covers from pregnancy until the baby is born... and it will continue as medical card for your kid... and of course plus the education savings.... :) contacted them.. met them.. bla bla blaaa.. and i got the policy last saturday...

no name on the child yet... once we confirmed, we'll get another card.. :)

please bear in mind.. i'm not promoting Prudential.. my life insurance is with AIA.. and hubby's insurance is with Great Eastern.... just sharing on my plan for Jr and if you (expectant mother) thinks that this policy fits your plan for your baby... please do so okay.. :)

mummy and Jr. liking The Walking Dead currently.. hehe...


  1. ooo...kami pon pakai Pru for Nia.....tapi Pruedusaver....cos Nia dah masuk 1 year baru tergedik2 buat insurance...ekekke....menarik jugak prumychild ni ek....how much u hv to pay every mth babe?

  2. Nani.. we pay RM160... depends jugak on combination yg u amik.. i took medical card for the child oso, coz company meks skrg cover anak2 secara nan hado sajer... ahemmmmmm............

  3. Good action for ur kid leo, shu pun planning mcm tu gak tp belum take action lagi.

  4. Kak Yoe, we all pun mmg actively hunting for a good plan.. tp at the end we realize that all conventional plan for insurance is not halal. Fatwa pun dah keluar. So we just stick to Takaful, also by Prudential. So far, Prudential mmg offer the best Takaful plan & coverage..

  5. Cik Shu.. take ur time... discuss ngan hubby semua... :)

    Nisa'... mmg fatwa keluar... but almost all insurance company now has their own 'arm' of Takaful, included in all type of insurance... they even gave a declaration letter that the money they invested in govern under Islamic rule.. :) u must tell them, u want it that way.... kita dah bgtau... dia dah bagi perjanjian, apa yg dia buat lepas tu, it's not in our control anymore lor... :)

  6. great eastern pun dah ade takaful jugak if im not mistaken

  7. kalo kita tak pilih pru takaful...cth PRU My CHild....its okey..just tell the agent u nak dana u dilaburkan ke Dana yg Halal...ada je dana yg kita boleh pilih wlpn dia bukan TAKAFUL...

    the product is good.

    pesanan dari bekas agent prudential nih =)

  8. elya... yep yep... great eastern ada... and most other major insurance oso dah ada...

    aween.. ya betul!!! :) saya amik yg itu...

  9. Hi, stumbled upon ur blog while searching GE vs Pru for my little one. I guess I have the answer to it now. Tq !