January 5, 2011

Little Jr's stuff...

another 80 days ++ or so, Jr. will come to the world... all these while i keep hearing ppl say.. "owh.. 1st baby... u gonna spend a lot.. believe me" owh well.... i think i believe you now... huhu.... i think the preparation is as much as a wedding preparation! :) the excitement... the anxiety... seriously.. it's not much different.. except that you didn't really care that much about your weight! ahahha... good thing aite?

hubby and i try not to be too excited or too equipped.... kata org2 tua.. tak elok beriya2 sgt... beli brg pun berpada2..  so we think it through...we only gonna buy what we really NEED for the baby's arrival.... consult few mothers... they said, not to buy too many newborn's clothes... cos newborn will grow very fast... try to varies until 12 months... newborn clothes, just enuff to fill 3 days and just rotate... we thought, the most maybe we need 4 clothes per day... so max of everything, not more than 20 pcs altogether... mix the choices of clothes.. meaning short sleeves romper (day), long sleeves romper (night), no sleeves top, short sleeves, long sleeves + short and long pants... *phew* they said again, it's easier to buy clothes with the button in front... coz newborn kinda fragile... heheh...

remember the last post where the grandma bought us the baby-cot's set? the following is the exactly what she bought... littlewhiz.com is having sale! :)

we bought the clothes.. we still very open about Jr's gender.. doc said it's definitely a boy.. however we still bought 'safe' colours.. yellow.. white.. green.. orange... little blue-ish.. little-pinkish... :) . Hubby bought Jr. the bib.. A Star Is Born! hmm... very the daddy.. hehe... 3 hooded towels... just because they're cute.. haha...3 cloth diapers... just to try coz my family kinda have a trait of sensitive skin.. so i don't know  how Jr gonna react to the cloth... pampers? wipes? napkin? not yet... huhu...

Next... we're planning to buy the feeding stuff... bottles, sterilizer and maybe the warmer... bathing basin... and few newborn toys... hmm urmmm... got such thing as newborn toys kah? ahahahah....

having a bad day in the office.. i guess if i have a dick, i would be treated differently? hmmm


  1. wow, besh nye dpt hadiah baby cot... :)

  2. ekeekkkkk.... nenek.. biasalah... rezeki jgn ditolak bak kata hasben.. ahahha

  3. Waa..tup tup tinggal about 2 months++ jek Kak Yoe will be a mummy!!
    Betul tu Kak Yoe, beli brg2 newborn takyah byk2.. like us, we bought stage by stage. We bought 0-6 months prep first. Because tatau baby kite membesar nnt mcm mana.. like mine, when he was 6 months old, dah kene pakai baju 1 year!! So better beli stage by stage, wait & see for the baby's growth.
    0-6 months for a start.. bab2 baby feedings tu later pun boleh.. lgpun kann nnt dpt byk gifts! (haha ni belum ape2 dah bg harapan ni.. hehe..) Baby feedings mcm bowl, spoon etc tu you only need it when he reaches 5-6 months.. so later pun ok.

    Yg penting, dalam dok sibuk prepare for the newborn, jgn lupa enjoy, remember & appreciate every single day of your pregnancy nih.. seriously after a few months baby is born, you gonna miss those times when he/she was inside your tummy..

  4. hehehe b4 ni xleh baca ek....ari ni open xprivate lgi..bg la email kamu laling..t leh invite

  5. yeayyyy!!! happy shopping......don't forget to survey for the best breastpump nanti...;-)

  6. tula Nisa'.... cepat je kan... skrg ni pun rasa pelik2 dah.. i mean, even baby movements pun makes me soooooo uncomfy.. and believe me, he not only kick... he reaaaalyyyy moves! dunno wut happened inside there.. but it feels like he's doin gymnastics and protest bcoz he wants to grow and there's no space left.. ahahah....

    baby feeding tu i mean botol jek.. mana tau, dia xmo breastfeed ka.. susu tak kuar ke.. hehe...

    enjoy? yeahhhh.. i enjoy eating very much now! ahahha...

  7. farah... it's leonorahalim@gmail.com

    nani... breastpump dah masuk list utk makcik2 beli hadiah.. ahahha...

  8. saya yg anak ke dua ni pun kena beli jugak coz baju2 lama sume tak sesuai utk boboy.. haha.. baju zafirah dah lah byk skirt n pink kaler.. hehe.. baby cot itu sgt cantek dan susah nak carik yg jenis mcm tuh skang.. happy prepare.. :D

  9. ahahah.. ok jek pakai pink sikit2 utk boboy... bak kata org kat kedai babycot tuk.. ehee... utk sesapa yg berminat, babycot tu byk lagi stock kat littlewhiz tu... if tak selesa beli kat internet, pegi kedai dia kat setia alam.. i pi kedai dia.. puas hati sket... and that babycot is solid wood.. ada warranty 3 tahun... comes it white colour too.. :) gituuu... marketing sangattttt.........

  10. ehee... lama tak jumpa dhila... 9hb nanti, dtg tau kat umah Abg Sufi... :) kita makannnnnn..... :)