January 21, 2011


What did we do on Thaipusam day??? we painted the baby's room! whom are 'we'?? unfortunately and fortunately, me not included... hehe.... had wonderful friends over to the house and they helped us with the painting job and baby cot! :) so not cool, me not to have the strength to join them... just watch and laugh with them only... hubby chose the colour... sort of light purple.. some called it lilac.. some called it lavender.... hubby said blue is soooo common! borrringggggg..... hahahah... i love the colour too.. we're planning to get other deco in brownish...

Jr., let's meet your Godparents ya... :)

Aunty Jenny... she mixed the paint with water a bit... so terror.. hehe

 Uncle Azrul... u have a very tall uncle there... very helpful u knowww... ehhe.. so like the professional!

very 'delicate' Uncle Rijal... 'who plastered' the window/ door frame and plugs... prevent it from unwanted paint decoration :)

 They finished the painting job in 4-hours i think... then it's time for babycot! soooo pweetyyyyy.... babycot, granny gave... :) tak nak tido dlm tu siap! Uncle Usop (can see head only) was not so professional in furniture department... we just leave the CEO of Madukara in handling cloths only la hor...

So, when your uncles and aunty are busy with the room, what did mummy do? :) me only prepare food for them.. currypuff + spring rolls = breakfast! Domino pizza = lunch! Murtabak raja + rojak buah = tea! and daddy bought dinner from the store nearby... and slept in front of tv for one-hour or so... hehe.... Aunty Zaza couldn't join cos she's working.. hmmm... when u grow up, u pok-pok aunty zaza ok so that she doesn't work so hard.. :) aunty azyei woke-up at 6.30pm!!! tak dapek nak nolong.. haha... uncle Ant went back hometown... and aunty Ju caught up in so many things at home... huhu... next time, u come and eat Murtabak raja okeh...

Now the nursery is half-way done (that's why no picture yet :D)... i'm looking for other deco as well... hopefully i can do it tonight after work.. if i have the strength... hehe.... got so many ideas in mind... once i'm at the store, will get something which is within our budget! :) target to furnish the room by end of next week...

Again... thank you from daddy, mummy and Jr. to our beloved friends!! :)
shopping! shopping!


  1. oh best nyer aktiviti !! miss diaorg sumer ;) especially rijal n usop . kirim salam dkt diaorg yek.

  2. wah..trasa excited for u..MAY GOD BLESS EVERYTHING

  3. cantek colour tuh.. baby mesti excited nih.. hehe

  4. june.. insyaAllah...

    Aween... thank you...

    Maya... mana gambar baby baru? nak tgk nih.... :)

    Uncle Azrul... *hugs*