February 27, 2011

1st experience at 37th week?!?

OMG!!! My leg finally got swollen.. Ahahahahhh... Yes, it's normal for pregnant ladies... And I got to experience it only at 37th week!! Huhu... Thought I'm gonna be leg-swollen-less... Guess I was wrong hor.. :p

It's quite funny though cos only the left leg is swollen.. Ngeh ngehh...

Got one foot bigger than the other..
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February 25, 2011

We are busy again....

Kinang And Such....... hehe.. that's my husband's part time company aka hobby... by marrying him, i become the automatic assistant and free consultation that makes him annoyed once in awhile... ahahahahah.....

Our current project... 3 sets of hantaran by 5th March! *faint*

only sneak preview lor... :) while we were busy with the stuff.. we thought of, what happens when Jr is around? i think he'll be overwhelmed with all ribbons and colours of the hantaran... ahemmm.... maybe our design will be caca-marba-theme soon! ahahha....

do u think Jr. ll stay in his crib without screaming, while we're doing the hantaran?

February 24, 2011

Daddy's practicing..

ehee... daddy's practising... :) that gorgeous little girl is Airees!! our fren's daughter..... :)

Leonora (that baby's smell stuck in my heart... auwwww)

February 22, 2011

What If....

Stress at the office is normal... but when you are 36 weeks preggie, thinking of nobody else can do your work while you're on maternity leave... plus all the 'craps' i received currently... made me wonder.... will they ever appreciates my contribution for the past years for the company??? how are they gonna survive without me??? it's just me who is concern isn't it??

Sometimes it's hard when the effort is going one way...

You never know how valuable an employee is until you lost him/her!

WHAT IF i don't return... i guess by evaluating the current condition, YOU will not be affected right? so.. gimme a reason why i should stay...


February 20, 2011

NOT about me post :)

Doa for Yanie and Farah.... which is very near to their delivery (delivered odi kah?)!!! have a smooth delivery... deliver a healthy baby... :) insyaAllah.....


February 19, 2011

Project Run-away

Not a sewing project ya... i am really running-away from home!!!

Forcing my husband to follow my plan for his birthday... TODAY!!! ahahhahaha....

I have reserved a Junior Suite at Impiana Hotel tonite... dating day with me... fine dine with him later... dip in the pool tomorrow morning maybe... hehe... yaaaaa... itu sajerrrrrrr............

next post got photo okeh! :)

February 18, 2011

Leonora's Confinement Plan

Sooooooo important! *for me lahhh* so here i want to share on what i have in mind on what I AM going to do during my 60 days of confinement!!! *gegeh nehhhh*

Why this is so important for me?
1. I want to get back in shape... my healthy weight with my height should be around 57-62kg.
2. I want to eat healthily in order for me to produce adequate breast-milk
3. I'm not young anymore, so the chances of my body will 'adapt' to normal state without any help is very slim! :P 
4. And of course... be jumping up and down, bodyjamming, even better than before! :)

getting ready for push-ups! :)

this is just merely sharing... not asking or suggesting this is the best way for any of you to follow.. but maybe some 'facts' that i want to share with you might help you in planning your confinement period! :) the same as pregnancy/ delivery, diff people will experience diff things... pls think and work out the facts before mendengar/ mengikut ckp org membuta tuli sahaja (even if it comes from your own mom or mom-in-law... ahahhaha..... zaman diorg lain yaaaaaa....... )

Here it goes.....

1. I'll be having a malay confinement lady.. for Urut, Bertungku, Barut and etc. Why? it is proven scientifically and suggested by gynae/ midwives (from my antenatal class at SDMC - will have a long post about this later ya). that Urut/ Tungku will help your body to circulate blood more efficiently and your internal 'injuries' will heal faster... 

2. Homemade Jamu - prepared by the confinement lady herself... seriously, honestly and personally, i don't trust the 'bersalin package' in the market! nuff said.. :)

3. Tummy-care! :) bengkung or barut is good... but becareful.. scientifically (doc said.. not me), our 'six-packs' stretched a lotttttttt in order to accommodate the pregnancy... so give your muscle some time to adjust itself to it's original position (bengkung and barut will help.. not too tight though, or else you ended-up with lots of excessive skin la pulak)... a good physician will help you to 'measure' the position,. maybe 4-6 weeks after your delivery... when the muscle is in position.. then you can go ahead with crunches and core exercise... if you are doing crunches when the muscle is not ready, your tummy will look hideous! it won't do you any good... you'll end-up with 3-3 packs instead of 6-packs.. hehe...

4. My diet... ahem ahem... follow Heidi Klum's diet... ekekkeke... not entirely/exactly, but her routine/ nutrition plan is awesome! and not ridiculous at all.. can also be used by non-confinement-period people.. eheh... it goes something like this....

Klum's day started with a protein shake (180 calories), followed at 10 a.m. by a 4-egg-white omelet with vegetables. Lunch might be broccoli sauteed in a teaspoon of olive oil, skinless chicken and salad. May be 10-12 raw almonds as a 4 p.m. snack. For dinner, Klum might have another protein shake, or a small meal like a cup of turkey chili. On the low-carb diet's list of no-no's: corn on the cob and pasta, which were replaced with lentils or kidney beans. At some things, however, Klum balked. "If I want a banana," she says firmly, "I eat a banana." 
So.. in simple understanding... no rice! no fastfood! no carbonated drinks! less caffein (can't promise to have no coffee..hehe)!no rendang! no nasik lemak! no roti canai! *gulp*

5. Exercise - this one cannot follow Heidi's... *semunyikkkkkkkkk...* tak sanggup den! on the treadmill everyday, hiking, core exercise 2 days after birth, doing it everyday!! *mamposssssssss* well... no wonder she lost 48lbs in 8 weeks!! phewwwwww........ my target only to lose 5-8kg in 60 days.. :) new target after the confinement period.. where i can go to the gym and exercise religiously... in the mean time, i might do weights in front of tv... :) 

6. Water! drink lotssssss of plain water..... 'old myth' of don't drink lots of water or soupy dish, coz it will make your vagina 'watery' is just a mere bull-shit!! :) discharge of vagina is all about hygiene and what you eat.. NOT because of water... Doc said so.. not me.. hehe... do tell your gynae/doc if you have those related problems.. don't be shy... she will get it treated.... your body needs water on normal daily basis... pregnancy/ birth will naturally 'force' your body of wanting for more... :)  

7. Supplements: Pati Ikan Haruan Polleney / Brands Essence of Chicken. Ikan haruan = the best for healing... Essence of chicken = to 'refresh' your energy.. :) again... doc said.. not me.. :) other vitamins? well... my nutrition plan is very nutritious already.... excessive vitamins will just pass through your urine... not need to be so ken-cheong... unless your diet only rice + salted fish (my sis's confinement diet okeh!), then you need lots of vitamin supplements.. hehe... 

That's it! if you have any other experience and more info regarding confinement, do not hesitate to write it in the comment box okeh... or if you've already made a post at your blog, do leave me the link kay... :)

Heidi Klum, 2 months after her 3rd child delivery... come and join me in the feeling of wanting to strangle her right now!!! ahahhahah.....

I'm praying for a normal healthy delivery... insyaAllah... Aminnnnn..... so that I will have the strength to give all  my effort taking care of Jr without fail! :)

*looking at her flabby arms!*

February 17, 2011

WISHLIST.... *blush blush*

Dear Friends.... :)

We (hubby, Jr, and I) are really really really overwhelmed by you... asking us what we want as a gift in arrival of Jr... I understand you need to ask as you don't want ended up giving us something that we do not need or we ended up with one too many of the same stuff... hehe... so here it goes.... things that are not in this list is actually things we've already bought or given by family members... example: babycot.. we don't think Jr. needs another babycot and our cute apmt won't have the space to have another one.. hehe...

Please and please.... you are not obligated to give us gift.. honestly, we are still enjoying our wedding gift and some of them still in the box... haha...

So here it goes... in no particular order...

1. Steriliser (booked by Nani and the gang... :D ) thanks in advance! :*
2. Quinny Buzz 3 Stroller

3. Maxi Cosi Pebble

4. Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

5. Baby Carrier (suitable for alif.. hehe)
6. Baby Monitor
7. Baby Bouncer with play thingy in the middle

8. Medela: Breast Milk Storage bottles

9. Philips Avent: Feeding bottles 125ml/4 Oz. and 260ml/ 9 Oz.

10. Medela Cooler Bag (for breast milk transportation.. between workplace and home :D)

11. Babywalker

We think that's about it! :) again.... pls don't feel obliged.... :)

Hubby, Jr. and yours truly!

guilt... la la laaa....

something happened to my fingers... :(
I know i promised yesterday to pack my things to bring to hospital... but but but.... :( i cut my fingers while cutting apples!!! *menchi kan alasan mcm ni kan kan kannnnn* teruslah jus epal semlm ala2 raja bersiung punya jus... masuk titisan2 darah sikit... ahahahha... *tipu jek.. mana ada masuk lam juice extractor tuh...*

cut is quite deep.. ahemm... i can't explain how though...

hubby is sooooooo busy with the hantaran so i didn't mention to him that i wanted to pack things last nite... or else he would have helped me.... so i ended up with sore fingers.... watching one of my favourite hindi movie! ahahah... Dhadkan.... hubby oso has to watch.. hehe...

Dil ne yeh kaha hai dilse.... Mohabat ho ka he hai tumse...
(ce nyanyi.. ce nyanyi.. ce nyanyiii.....)

yaaa... i'm a fan of Bollywood movies... NOT THE CURRENT ONE! i think my last favourites are Devdass and Jodhaa Akhbar... ekekekk....

before i pack, i should have make a list right??? haizzzz.... so here it goes...

- IC and registration card.. (owh yaaa... i've already pre-admitted myself!! :D )
- Batik Sarung x 2, shirt x 2, socks x 2, underwears x 3 sets
- Slippers (hmm... yg ni memang dah pakai kan??)
- My toiletries, Maternity pads, Minyak Telon, Air Selusoh, Minyak Serai Kak Pah (hehe... done by my confinement lady)
- Food (mestiiiii....... tapi yg ni, takyah la beli siap2.. kat kedai situ byk lah.. wat penuh bag jekk...)
- Camera! :)
- Newborn clothes x 2 sets
- Towel KUNING!!! (tlg jgn kulupa yg ini.. sob sobss...)
- Blanket, napkins, receiving blanket, binder
- Cotton swab/ alcohol (yg ni hospital bagi.. takyah bawak..)
i think that's about it... no need to bring toiletries for baby... midwives said (ni belajar masa antenatal class neh.. eheh), don't use any soap/ lotion/ oil (except Minyak Telon/ eucalyptus oil to avoid Colic) on newborn for at least 2 weeks... no wet tissue (contains chemical of course).. just normal cotton with water to clean-up baby... newborn skin is very sensitive... let 'it alone' for at least 3 weeks....

will try to pack tonite.. hehe...

owh... i need to mention this.. daddy cook spaghetti last nite!!! :)

February 16, 2011


OMG!! we are so concerned and busy preparing about the baby stuff, house spring cleaning, baby stuff again.... until we forgot one thing! i haven't packed anything yet...... things to bring to the hospital when giving birth... ouch!!! huhu....

perlu ke beli beg baru? beg gym Nike aku berlambak kan? eekekekk


February 13, 2011

Membesar Bagai Johan!

I'm officially 85kg!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh.... surprisingly, i have no problem with  that... carrying this heavy tummy and my body heat are the ones that really bothering me now... isk isk....

back to weight... for any preggers... the one that is highly sensitive bout their weight.... let me give tips for your for photography... approaching your 8th months onwards.... standing is the best position to take pictures! eg:

taken last night's (12.02.2011) CNY party... eheh... me welcoming baby webbit!

see.... tummy and mummy didn't look so bad izin't it??? ekekkekek.... *pls disregard daddy's figure... he's very supportive in terms of physical as well.. hahhaha*
however...... never and neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... take picture while you were sitting... why??? this is why.........
hamikkkkkkkkkkk............ ahahhahahahha............. picture speaks for itself!

getting ready for BBQ party tonite... eheee

February 11, 2011

It's getting hot in 'ere....

owh owh.... is there any 'tub' in the market that can fit me???? ekekekekk.... feel like soaking myself in it (put ice cubes!) and watch tv.. :)

besides your physical, growing tremendously during pregnancy, your body temperature is playing trick on you man! i feel hot all the time!!!!! pity my hubby... he has to endure the long night in comforter while me enjoying the aircondition straight to my skin.... :) even with that, i still wokeup for my late nite pee with sweat on my night gown.. hmmm... me no like.... have no choice to drink water over and over and of course pee-ing over and over... *sigh*

Science said...

A rather "uncomfortable" change you are likely to go through during your pregnancy is your rising body temperature. This is due to the increase in your basal metabolic rate, which is the rate your body uses up energy when it is at rest, by about 20% during your pregnancy. Body also generates more blood to sustain you and the baby and thus increasing circulation which produces heat. You will feel the heat during your third month or after your first trimester. When your body overheats, you would likely lose rest especially at night because of the heat and perspiration.

p/s: ice-cream never felt better!!! :)

i'm hawt! :D

Another Month????

 hmmmmm..... it's going to be very very soooooonnnn.......
me going to the labour roooooommmmmm......
me cannot stop practising "haaaa... fuh fuhhh fuhhhhhhhhhh"
it's going to be fun fun funnnnnn!!!!! *psysho diri sendirikkkkkk*

in the mean time...
Congrats to Ann.. for her newly announced pregnancy... :)
Bundle of happiness to Zila (blog minah ni jual baju uols... lupa dah link dia.. hehe) for her 7 weeks pregnancy.... :)
All the best to Diah... who'll be induced!! haaa... fuh fuhh fuhhhhhh..... can't wait for her next post... mesti letak gambar baby cumelllllllll..........
Not forgetting.... my 'adik' colleague at the office... whom i did the Hantaran, last October... she's pregnant too!! :)

i'm really really not alone... ahahhahah..... happy getting fat people!!! mauhauhauhauahauaaaaaa...... and yes... i promise you'll enjoy every single morning sickness that you have... and counting kicks.... and searching names... and buying baby stuff... heheh.. trust me... less headache than wedding preparation... ahahha....

owh... talking about counting baby movements... seriously... having to carry around 'the table' that you''ll tick to indicate your baby movements is sooooooooooo hassle... for me lah.... when u're busy at the office... with so many things in your mind and your table of course... flipping book, look for a pen mark the table seems very troublesome to me... sooooo.... i threw that 'table' away.. hahah... and start to mark my baby movements on my organizer instead!! hehe..... as it has been my habit all along to use organizer to list my office tasks/ deadlines and etc.... so, include one slot of marking baby movements in it will be like another routine to me... at the end.. my organizer looks something like this.. :)

can you see the 10 marked movements in the circle? hehe.. that's my baby movements... the number after it is the time when i got it reached 10 movements.... :)

so... don't let any 'table', 'book' or whatever to peningkan you in order for you to do this daily.... find your routine, and figure it how this can fits to your daily thingy....

nak bersalin dah aku... huhuhu....

p/s: remember the PruMY child insurance thingy?? Feel free to contact Derek Wong 017-8838268 (my agent.. hehe) if you want to know more details... i'm sure he'll be glad to assist you in anyway he can... :) some more i can assure you that, he is NOT irritating and annoying in anyways like most insurance agents do... ahahhaahah.... sowi insurance people!!!

February 10, 2011

At last!!

I've made plans for hubby's birthday!!!!


Burlesque mode

February 9, 2011


GBS = Group B Streptococcus

*achtung ~ general knowledge post.. might be boring.. :)

What is GBS?

Group B strep (GBS) is a kind of bacteria that many people harbor in their intestinal tract. The bacteria may also inhabit (or "colonize") your vagina as well, where it can be passed on to your baby during labor and birth. Approximately 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women carry GBS in the vagina or rectum or surrounding area. While GBS is generally harmless in healthy adults, it may cause stillbirth and serious infections in babies. During birth as the baby passes through the vagina it comes into contact with the bacteria, making it more likely for the baby to get GBS. To prevent this from happening women who test positive or who have had a previous baby with Group B Strep will be given IV antibiotics during labor.

Why do I need to be tested for group B strep?

Getting screened for GBS late in pregnancy – and receiving treatment with antibiotics during labor if you're a carrier – will greatly reduce your baby's risk of becoming infected. For this reason, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend that all pregnant women – with two exceptions – be routinely screened for GBS at 35 to 37 weeks.

The two exceptions: 

- women who have previously had a baby with a GBS disease

- those who have had a urinary tract infection caused by GBS during their current pregnancy.

These women don't need to be screened because they're already considered at high risk and will automatically be treated during labor.

What are the consequences of early-onset GBS disease?

Early-onset GBS disease can cause sepsis (an infection in the blood), pneumonia, and, less frequently, meningitis. Some of these babies, particularly those with meningitis, will have long-term health problems such as hearing or vision loss, cerebral palsy, or developmental disabilities, and about 5 percent won't survive. 

What is the test like?

Your practitioner will swab the lower end of your vagina and your rectum (this won't be painful) and send the samples to a lab to be grown in a culture in order to determine whether GBS bacteria is present. Your results should be available in two to three days, and your practitioner will give them to you at your next prenatal appointment. If she doesn't tell you, be sure to ask.

What will happen if I test positive?

A positive result means only that you carry the bacteria – not that you or your baby will definitely become ill, even if you don't receive proper treatment. However, getting antibiotics during labor lowers the odds enormously. For example, if you're a GBS carrier with no other risk factors (you're at 37 weeks or more, don't have a fever, and your membranes haven't been ruptured long), your baby's odds of getting infected are about 1 in 200 without treatment and about 1 in 4,000 if you do get treated.

Treatment also reduces your own chances of developing a GBS infection (such as a uterine infection) during labor or after delivery, which can sometimes happen. If you're GBS-positive, you'll begin getting antibiotics as soon as your labor starts or your water breaks, whichever comes first. (The only case in which you wouldn't need treatment is if you have a planned cesarean section that takes place before your water breaks or you go into labor.)

Leonora's conclusion (with the support of gynae's opinion of course.. hehe)

- GBS can really do harm to your baby but it is preventable and treatable! :) So, if you don't know whether you have it or not, how to get treated isn't it?
- Most private hospitals do this culture test as a routine at your 35-37 weeks of pregnancy. Not others. So, ask for one!
- Mummy-to-be, equipped yourself with knowledge... remain calm... *yaaaa... easier said than done :P* prevent yourself from 'katak bawah tempurung punya people -"eh... org dulu2 takde pun wat ni.. ok jek baby diorg..." hmmm... again, facts and statistics speak for itself.. there are lots of unexplained death of infants before... please think... can GBS be one of them? do you wanna take the risk of passing this GBS to your baby? think people think... with your head! :)

cuba utk tidak men-cuakkan diri.. hehe...

February 8, 2011



my belly looks like it's going to explode anytime soon!!

i cannot feel my belly button anymore... satu permukaan je ngan perut tuh..

i'm at my 34th week... baby is 2.2kg on 2nd Feb... doc said he'll get bigger.. hmm.. meaning my belly gonna grows more??? haiyooooo.... this is heavy enough okeh!

GTT done once.. passed with flying colours.. yayy! :) so no need to do again... next check-up will be on 14th Feb, doc will do culture test... making sure it's safe for me to have normal delivery... i'm looking forward to have Jr without epidural... howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... the option is always open..... becauseeeee...... i don't know how i'm gonna manage my pain during labour... hubby is soooo sure i can take the pain and do it without epidural... cos he said i'm a very active mummy... exercise without failing all throughout the pregnancy and he's soooo sure active mummy delivers baby easier... *sighhhh* insyaAllah... doa hubby menjadik kenyataan... hehe

people said, labour pain is like heavier period pain/ cramps... ladies... i never have period pain/ cramps all my life... howww??????? :P

*piu piu piu* <---- rolling eyes

February 7, 2011

Terrible Indigestion

The high levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone your body produces in pregnancy relax smooth muscle tissue throughout your body. That includes your gastrointestinal tract. This relaxation slows your digestive processes, which can cause bloating, indigestion, and generally miserable sensations in your gut, especially after a big meal.

cannot sleep!!

cannot concentrate!!

antacid not helping that much!!


While it's annoying for you, indigestion certainly isn't harmful for your baby. The slowing of your digestive system may benefit your baby, as it gives your body more time to pass essential nutrients on to your baby.

nangisssssss jugakkkkkkkk....................


February 5, 2011

Pregnancy PT... again?!?

yep... in my 33 weeks of pregnancy... i still exercise.... :) other than my FitFor2 classes and normal swim.. i volunteer myself to be part of this 'free pregnancy PT' as well... all written at my previous post...

so... tomorrow will be another one... met with the trainer last week and i said to her that brisk walking is not something i wanna do willingly now... huhu.... since the tummy is getting bigger (Jr. weighs 2.2kg odi!!!), my pelvic bone and pubic bone really hurts from walking, sitting, driving and bla bla bla..... so, swimming is the only something i really like to do now... and with that interview... she'll develop a customize exercise for me and we're gonna do it tomorrow.. i can feel that i'll be doing something like this tomorrow!! yayyyyy!!!

weeeeeeee........ a penguin gonna be in the pool tomorrow! :)

Satin Ketat

whatt?!??!?!??!?! ppl searched for Satin Ketat and found my blog??? wic part of my blog represents Satin Ketat?? and why ppl search for Satin Ketat at the first place???? ahahhahahhahhhhhhhh...........


February 4, 2011


eh serious weiiiiiii........... i'm bored!!!!

can u feel my boredom????!??!?!

stress at the office... but bored at home... too tired to go anywhere yet i wanna go somewhere... movie at least.. hehehe.... chinese new year? dong dong chianggggggg!!!!!!!! :D i always love festive season in Malaysia... any festival for that matter... i can feel the happiness. love and joy all around... 
and festive season always make KL traffic very heavenly... ehehhehehheh..... so, planned to watch Shaolin sempena chinese new year.. gituuuu.... before that, we thought off making IKEA a visit to find shelves for our store and some mobile tray for daily use of our babystuff... thinking that IKEA would be as 'heaven' as the traffic.. ops! we were wrong... i think everybody in KL thinking of the same thing and heads to IKEA i guess.. ekekkekek.....as we know what we are going to buy, we headed straight to ground floor to get the stuff... me oso is not fond of walking too far.. in those crowds... arghhhhh..... we found what we want! :) 

and turning our car like this... ekekkeke....

p/s: so many chinese ppl shopping as well.. hmmm... tak raya ke depa? musykil tul....

Now... i'm hungry... as usual as well, despite the bored... we went to Sweet Chat at The Curve... had Durian Pancake and Durian Bubur Pulut Hitam.. eheeee.... then, head to TGI Fridays with the pack... and i had Barbeque Burger!!! yayyyy... happy tummy! and i'm ready for Shaolin... auwww.... Nicholas Tse is such a good actor... reminds me the first time i fall in love with Ken Watanabe! ekekekkek.....

superb villain! handsome villain! :D absolutely talented actor!

back to boredom!

February 1, 2011

Holding on...

Come on Leo.... one more day.... tomorrow holiday until end of the week..... Ya Allah.. help me finish the tonnes of work before 5.30pm today.. aminnnnn........