February 11, 2011

It's getting hot in 'ere....

owh owh.... is there any 'tub' in the market that can fit me???? ekekekekk.... feel like soaking myself in it (put ice cubes!) and watch tv.. :)

besides your physical, growing tremendously during pregnancy, your body temperature is playing trick on you man! i feel hot all the time!!!!! pity my hubby... he has to endure the long night in comforter while me enjoying the aircondition straight to my skin.... :) even with that, i still wokeup for my late nite pee with sweat on my night gown.. hmmm... me no like.... have no choice to drink water over and over and of course pee-ing over and over... *sigh*

Science said...

A rather "uncomfortable" change you are likely to go through during your pregnancy is your rising body temperature. This is due to the increase in your basal metabolic rate, which is the rate your body uses up energy when it is at rest, by about 20% during your pregnancy. Body also generates more blood to sustain you and the baby and thus increasing circulation which produces heat. You will feel the heat during your third month or after your first trimester. When your body overheats, you would likely lose rest especially at night because of the heat and perspiration.

p/s: ice-cream never felt better!!! :)

i'm hawt! :D


  1. leo, sama la kita, shu dah mula rasa kehangatan badan. konon2 nak jimat elektrik tapi latelly ni tiap2 malam kene pasang air cond.

  2. mmg panas badan time pgnant...saya pun rasa cam tu..hubby sampai dah berselimut kesejukan, kita still rasa panas

  3. skrg ke baru rasa panas...?hehehe. me on my early 3 months pregnancy body temperature naik... 2nd & 3rd trimester dah ok...=).

    pastu dia ikut masa, malam2 je body panas...pagi ptg xde la panas pun.. huhu=p

  4. hah.. i didn't know pregnancy nie boleh jadik panas badan.. wuwuwu.. begitu naivenye haku.. >.< padan la i feel like faint je sbb sgt panas..thanks for sharing the tips

  5. cik shu/ dayang... yaaaa... tido dlm aircond sgt heaven ya... ekekke

    farah.. dulu pun dah panas.. tapi 3rd trimester ni menjadik2 plak rasanya... smpi duk lam aircond opis yg selalunya membekukan tuh, boley berpeluh ya... huhu

    natasha... welcome to 'hot' club.. hehe... doc kata kena minum air byk2 (bosan kan nasihat nie? ehhe) pastu mandi lah kalo tak tahan... hari saya mandi 4 kali.. :)