February 17, 2011

WISHLIST.... *blush blush*

Dear Friends.... :)

We (hubby, Jr, and I) are really really really overwhelmed by you... asking us what we want as a gift in arrival of Jr... I understand you need to ask as you don't want ended up giving us something that we do not need or we ended up with one too many of the same stuff... hehe... so here it goes.... things that are not in this list is actually things we've already bought or given by family members... example: babycot.. we don't think Jr. needs another babycot and our cute apmt won't have the space to have another one.. hehe...

Please and please.... you are not obligated to give us gift.. honestly, we are still enjoying our wedding gift and some of them still in the box... haha...

So here it goes... in no particular order...

1. Steriliser (booked by Nani and the gang... :D ) thanks in advance! :*
2. Quinny Buzz 3 Stroller

3. Maxi Cosi Pebble

4. Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

5. Baby Carrier (suitable for alif.. hehe)
6. Baby Monitor
7. Baby Bouncer with play thingy in the middle

8. Medela: Breast Milk Storage bottles

9. Philips Avent: Feeding bottles 125ml/4 Oz. and 260ml/ 9 Oz.

10. Medela Cooler Bag (for breast milk transportation.. between workplace and home :D)

11. Babywalker

We think that's about it! :) again.... pls don't feel obliged.... :)

Hubby, Jr. and yours truly!


  1. wee...so far..N da bli sume except for walker & bouncer...seronok kn bli baby stuffs ni..

  2. N... mmg seronok... but we are trying very hard not to be too excited... hehe... org2 tua kitorg pesan setiap hari... huhu... tu yg beli brg pun mmg basic sgt... baju2 pun tak byk.. :) ala kadar saje... nanti kalo x cukup nanti, singgah Mydin.. ahahah...

  3. Yanie... tu lah.. i ingat2 gak.. u order kan? mesti u dah play around dgn tu kan? best tak? :D agak2 budak smpi besar mana leh pakai stroller tu?

  4. wah banyaknye.. hehe..no 2 best.. cantek..

  5. maya... biasa la.. anak pertama.. sume benda ndak.. ekekekkkk...

  6. bouncer tu sebijik bouncer Dhani.can we wrap and give Jr ornot??kidding...

  7. dayang... no problem! :) nanti Jr kuar dia ske berenang + main belon buih mcm Dhani.. hehe