February 7, 2011

Terrible Indigestion

The high levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone your body produces in pregnancy relax smooth muscle tissue throughout your body. That includes your gastrointestinal tract. This relaxation slows your digestive processes, which can cause bloating, indigestion, and generally miserable sensations in your gut, especially after a big meal.

cannot sleep!!

cannot concentrate!!

antacid not helping that much!!


While it's annoying for you, indigestion certainly isn't harmful for your baby. The slowing of your digestive system may benefit your baby, as it gives your body more time to pass essential nutrients on to your baby.

nangisssssss jugakkkkkkkk....................



  1. alolo siannya..bykkan berehat...minggu depan je lagi..bertahan

  2. trus rasa nak makan char kuey teow.. isk isk... tapi takleh.. kalo minyak2, nanti lagi teruk indigestion neh...

  3. ur doc ade bagi ubat apa2 x?awal2 i took gaviscon tp xsuke..mcm strong..after dat i amek maalox plus..tu mmg ok n sedap..hehe..other than that i byk minum 100plus n teh o halia..
    r u expecting a boy/girl?bila edd?