February 18, 2011

Leonora's Confinement Plan

Sooooooo important! *for me lahhh* so here i want to share on what i have in mind on what I AM going to do during my 60 days of confinement!!! *gegeh nehhhh*

Why this is so important for me?
1. I want to get back in shape... my healthy weight with my height should be around 57-62kg.
2. I want to eat healthily in order for me to produce adequate breast-milk
3. I'm not young anymore, so the chances of my body will 'adapt' to normal state without any help is very slim! :P 
4. And of course... be jumping up and down, bodyjamming, even better than before! :)

getting ready for push-ups! :)

this is just merely sharing... not asking or suggesting this is the best way for any of you to follow.. but maybe some 'facts' that i want to share with you might help you in planning your confinement period! :) the same as pregnancy/ delivery, diff people will experience diff things... pls think and work out the facts before mendengar/ mengikut ckp org membuta tuli sahaja (even if it comes from your own mom or mom-in-law... ahahhaha..... zaman diorg lain yaaaaaa....... )

Here it goes.....

1. I'll be having a malay confinement lady.. for Urut, Bertungku, Barut and etc. Why? it is proven scientifically and suggested by gynae/ midwives (from my antenatal class at SDMC - will have a long post about this later ya). that Urut/ Tungku will help your body to circulate blood more efficiently and your internal 'injuries' will heal faster... 

2. Homemade Jamu - prepared by the confinement lady herself... seriously, honestly and personally, i don't trust the 'bersalin package' in the market! nuff said.. :)

3. Tummy-care! :) bengkung or barut is good... but becareful.. scientifically (doc said.. not me), our 'six-packs' stretched a lotttttttt in order to accommodate the pregnancy... so give your muscle some time to adjust itself to it's original position (bengkung and barut will help.. not too tight though, or else you ended-up with lots of excessive skin la pulak)... a good physician will help you to 'measure' the position,. maybe 4-6 weeks after your delivery... when the muscle is in position.. then you can go ahead with crunches and core exercise... if you are doing crunches when the muscle is not ready, your tummy will look hideous! it won't do you any good... you'll end-up with 3-3 packs instead of 6-packs.. hehe...

4. My diet... ahem ahem... follow Heidi Klum's diet... ekekkeke... not entirely/exactly, but her routine/ nutrition plan is awesome! and not ridiculous at all.. can also be used by non-confinement-period people.. eheh... it goes something like this....

Klum's day started with a protein shake (180 calories), followed at 10 a.m. by a 4-egg-white omelet with vegetables. Lunch might be broccoli sauteed in a teaspoon of olive oil, skinless chicken and salad. May be 10-12 raw almonds as a 4 p.m. snack. For dinner, Klum might have another protein shake, or a small meal like a cup of turkey chili. On the low-carb diet's list of no-no's: corn on the cob and pasta, which were replaced with lentils or kidney beans. At some things, however, Klum balked. "If I want a banana," she says firmly, "I eat a banana." 
So.. in simple understanding... no rice! no fastfood! no carbonated drinks! less caffein (can't promise to have no coffee..hehe)!no rendang! no nasik lemak! no roti canai! *gulp*

5. Exercise - this one cannot follow Heidi's... *semunyikkkkkkkkk...* tak sanggup den! on the treadmill everyday, hiking, core exercise 2 days after birth, doing it everyday!! *mamposssssssss* well... no wonder she lost 48lbs in 8 weeks!! phewwwwww........ my target only to lose 5-8kg in 60 days.. :) new target after the confinement period.. where i can go to the gym and exercise religiously... in the mean time, i might do weights in front of tv... :) 

6. Water! drink lotssssss of plain water..... 'old myth' of don't drink lots of water or soupy dish, coz it will make your vagina 'watery' is just a mere bull-shit!! :) discharge of vagina is all about hygiene and what you eat.. NOT because of water... Doc said so.. not me.. hehe... do tell your gynae/doc if you have those related problems.. don't be shy... she will get it treated.... your body needs water on normal daily basis... pregnancy/ birth will naturally 'force' your body of wanting for more... :)  

7. Supplements: Pati Ikan Haruan Polleney / Brands Essence of Chicken. Ikan haruan = the best for healing... Essence of chicken = to 'refresh' your energy.. :) again... doc said.. not me.. :) other vitamins? well... my nutrition plan is very nutritious already.... excessive vitamins will just pass through your urine... not need to be so ken-cheong... unless your diet only rice + salted fish (my sis's confinement diet okeh!), then you need lots of vitamin supplements.. hehe... 

That's it! if you have any other experience and more info regarding confinement, do not hesitate to write it in the comment box okeh... or if you've already made a post at your blog, do leave me the link kay... :)

Heidi Klum, 2 months after her 3rd child delivery... come and join me in the feeling of wanting to strangle her right now!!! ahahhahah.....

I'm praying for a normal healthy delivery... insyaAllah... Aminnnnn..... so that I will have the strength to give all  my effort taking care of Jr without fail! :)

*looking at her flabby arms!*


  1. waduh..2 bulan sudah jadi ini mcm.. saya nak jugak!! hehe..
    as for me plak, kena mkn nasik.. kalau tak mkn nasik my breastmilk makin kurang..then perut cepat masuk angin.. yg penting mkn makanan yang berkhasiat.. jamu?? I beli yg home madepunye.. memang bagus!! setakat ni memang tak pernah beli set bersalin yg kt luar tuh..

    anyway..semoga dpt bersalin normal ya.. doa byk2..jgn lupa..

  2. the workout plan can be arranged tapi food-wise, kalau duduk kat malaysia, memang kena train mata and napsu la.

    and sapa la cakap banyak minum= banyak merembes. banyak keluar 'air' tu only means one thing je. mengarut cam gila orang2 ni kekadang.