December 2, 2010

OP - for baby's photography

I am thinking of having baby's photography session soon... insyaAllah.... usually we only focus on wedding photography... yet i have never known of any famous baby photographer in Malaysia.... anybody knows any? please share it here.... any photographer wants to introduce themselves? please do so.... :)

don't you want to capture this moment??

how about this???
both pics are courtesy from Raye Law's photography... apologize for sharing it in my blog.....

berangan tak abis-abis...


  1. Kak Yoe, please check out
    The photographer (Zubye) is a mother herself, highly recommended since she is very experience is shooting newborn. Ramai jek kids/baby photographer kat luar tu, but NEWBORN is totally different. Ckp kat Kak Zubye, nisa' yg recommend.. hehe.. she's my senior kat sekolah dolu2...

  2. leo.. i pon nk recommend gak. mmg dia specialize in babies, kids & family photography. ;)

  3. dekat blog saya tu ramai juga amongst my list tu kids photographer..tapi tak berani nak komen yang mana-mana since tak pernah cuba pun..kalau nak tengok2 boleh le click2 kat my bloglist..

  4. really? rata2 org recommend Eyes Of Grace... nanti i cek cek cek it out.... thanks uolsssss.... :)

  5. hehe...yes....i would suggest eyes of grace too....a bit mahal, but dia ade package.....maternity+the first week+the 1st birthday....but it will total up to 2k kalo taksilap....itu rege dulu la.....tapi tak bayar one lump....bayar progressively everytime dah shoot.....go ahead and ask her....

    another 2 u might want to consider is cikimiki (anak pretty peektures) or Anna Joe....both are pretty good too...:-)