September 8, 2011

'New Look' at the gym!

yayy! alhamdulillah... i managed to workout last night... after a longggggggggg 'holiday' :( remember my workout plan before? well.. it didn't go according to plan at all.... breastfeeding during Ramadhan was very tiring until i have no more energy to workout during Ramadhan... now, i'm re-schedulling my workout plan! :) really really really wants to get back my super-duper-hyper stamina.. so that i can be back fully active teaching Bodyjam! :)

my 1st class with Hijjab... *with Anthony.. bday boy aka one of my bestest fren!*

honestly.. i felt really awkward at first... but i'm determined to carry my 'new look' wherever i go and in whatever i do... insyaAllah...

felt little thinner.. ahahah

p/s: everyday i'm shufflin'... tett teettt tettt.. tet tet tet tet tetttt.... *singin n shufllin*


  1. ehee... thanks for the encouragement N.. really need it! *hugs*

  2. jom mummy Aleesya! kita join bootcamp nak? ekekek

  3. sis,luv ur 'new look'..alhmdulillah!u go mummy armand!! =)

  4. Thanks Yun.. how's new mummy doin? :)

  5. alhamdulillah..mummy and Rayyan sihat,tp besela kan sis,tido xpenh cukup,Rayyan bgn malam2 nk nenen..huhu~