October 10, 2011

Baby food partayyyyy.....

hi mommies, mommy-to-be, and non-mommy peeps... :) hope you have a great weekend... i know i had! :) what i want to share today is.... still baby solid food! ahahhaha... tak habis habis kannnn... yelah.. kata sharing is caring...so, sharing sharing la ni.. :)

After a week of trying solid food... Armand still poos daily.. good sign aite? so, for 2nd week.. Armand eats twice daily.. portion still small though.. around 1Oz. Max is 3Oz... depending on his intake... after a week, i found that baby will give you sign if he wants more or wants to stop... i read so many articles that feeding solid to baby, we need to learn to cater to his cues... not underfed or overfed.. 1Oz is around 2 tablespoons.

As 1st week all vege.. 2nd week.. let's go fruity!! hehe... hopefully no more green poo from Spinach/ Broccoli... again.. euwwwwwwwww..........

2nd week meal plan - at 6months, 1 week (or so)

Day/ Date
Puree Menu
Saturday (8/10)
Morning & Evening
-    Any combination of 2 purees (1Oz - 3Oz)
Peel and cut pumpkin into small pieces. Steam (20 mins) and blend into puree.
Apple/ pear. Peel and core it. Cut into small pieces. Steam (5 mins). Blend into puree
Avocado. Peel and seed it. Steam (5 mins). Blend into puree. You can opt for NOT to steam. Add EBM to control the consistency.
Sunday (9/10)
Monday (10/10)
Tuesday (11/10)
Wednesday (12/10)
Thursday (13/10)
Friday (14/10)

yeah... let's use the new babycubes!

the spatula given with the Avent blender is really useful...

tadaaaaa...... done! orange = pumpkin, white = pear, yellowish white = apple and green = avocado...

Let it cools for awhile.. it's hot coz after steaming, i blend it straight away... then, keep it in your fridge!
notice my EBM at the back... 1 plastic = 6Oz. Got 7 only... huhu... less stock than before.. still struggling to get the stock back since Ramadhan.. ehhee.. Alhamdulillah still, managed not to mix with FM yet....

other mommies.. happy trying!!


  1. eerr.... ai tetibe teringin makan baby...:)

  2. makan baby???? atyyyyyyy........ jangannnnnnnnn..........

  3. licious lah mama..armand nak lagi...

    tq mama... ;)

    wahh rajin buat mcm2 eh..seronok kan!

  4. yeaaayyy sy pon skrg tgh bersemngt bagi Ilyaas makan solid.yesterday masakkan dia nasi+potato+carrot degan secubit ayam...
    pastu frozen kan dgn babycubes juga..
    pasni nak try fruits puree plak.
    seronok kan tgk anak makan hasil air tgn kita

  5. yep yep... mcm masak utk family juga perasaannya.. ehhe...

  6. =) rajinnya mama armand ni.

    *hai leonora. =)

  7. eh.. mummy Armand ni, kalo awal2 cenggini mmg rajin! ahahahha...

    *hi Ain* :)

  8. Yang... bekas2 tu beli kat mana? macam suka ni.. walaupun i belum preggy lagi.. mcm nak beli awal2 bleh ke? hehehehe

  9. beli dkt littlewhiz.com dear... :) nak beli pun boley... u can use to store EBM jugak nanti... so, beli skrg isi brooches or coins! ekekekek...

  10. AAahhhh.. i remember the fun of trying new recipes for my baby and see what comes out in the poopoo...

  11. ahahhaha... green poo is the scariest!!!