October 17, 2011

Breastfeeding at 6th month!

Hi Mommies... how's your breastfeeding progress? :) oversupply? undersupply? change to FM odi? mix? well.. any decision you made.. it's always the best for YOUR baby... :) need to remember that never take people's word who are against you as a bad remark... most people like to say 'un-attractive' things to others.. such as...

"eh.. tak breastfeed ke? tak bagusla..... u ni malas pump kut.. sbb tu susu kurang.. tgk i ni.."
"eh... fm ni tak bagus.. nanti baby gemuk.. i use Brand X.. tgk baby i.. comey je"
"c-sect ke? nape tak choose normal... not good tau.. tgk i.."
"eh... sihat nya u lepas bersalin ya... bila nak kurus balik?"

hmmm... human nature, maybe if they say something like that, they will feel better? hmmm... dunno lah... if you encounter one of the above, or something similar.. please.. lempang sajer org itu... ahahahahaha... every mother has their own story... what decision that they make, we need to respect it... even though it is not our preferences.. who are we to judge others? :) and they have every right to determine what's best for them... and definitely they do NOT need to justify their actions to us! :)

p/s: kalo ko tak mau jadi spt org2 annoying di atas tu.. so jgn soal kwn2 korg dgn soklan2 bengong camtu ya,.. nanti kena lempang saya tak tau.. hiks!

oleh itu... back to my topic tadi. hahaha.. sory ya.. melalut jap.. why i said bf-ing at 6th month? because... website/ people said.... when your baby/ies starts on solid (either 4m+ or 6m+)... they will consume less milk... so, you don't have to worry so much about your EBM stock... true kah???? aiyaaaa... not for me horrr.... Armand still consumes 14 - 16Oz daily (weekdays, 9am to 4pm)... *sweating* u can imagine.... i need to pump at least 16Oz daily to cater to his needs... but masyaAllah... Allah is great in all ways.... before, my daily pump maybe 12 to 18oz... but now it goes from 18 to 21oz for 3 pump sessions (7am, 11am, 3pm)... Alhamdulillah... on weekends, i'll pump once, after i woke up in the morning... all in all... we can say... kais pagi makan pagi... huhu... the most stock i'll have will only be12Oz max! *sweating again*  so my conclusion now, just keep on pumping... not too stress on thinking about the stock.... hanya yakin pada Yang Satu.. adalah tu rezeki Armand...

I don't take Shaklee anymore... hehe.. because i think i eat nutritiously nowadays... for the sake of Armand of course.. and my only way of weight management as well... but i do take my calcium supplement cos i cannot take milk and obimin/ neurogain every other day... :) exercise regularly... from last month till now, i only managed to lose 2kg.. huhuuh... caiyok to myself! my next target is to do cardio everyday! *doakan saya berjaya yaaa*

So mommies... please share your stories with your growing up babies! :) how do you manage your babies milk intake... sharing is caringgg.. heheh...

armand kejar mummy... nak amik enpon... semenjak merangkak dah laju ni.. jenuh mengejar okeh!



  1. hahahahahah!!! yang belakang tu kena sensor...

  2. Hi Leonara aka Mummy Armand, :)
    I have been ur silent readers for sometime.tp entry ni i tergerak hati nak comment.
    I am so agree with ur above statement pasal mulut org yg xde insurance and asyik kondem je..sedih i dgr org ckp mcm tu.

    btw, as u said, my son pon dah start solid, tp his milk intake is still the same. he took 18 oz everyday.so i mmg kena catch up pumping utk stabil kan stock.mmg syukur sgt sbb i start pumping masa dlm pantang, so stock still stabil..ok, nice knowing u.
    lets change stories:)

  3. Uhuhuh saya nak share kisah saya.
    Baby saya xpandai nak latch.
    Latch skejap,pastu luah ;'(
    Asek kene pam n bottle feed him.
    Kadang tu stok x cukup n kene bagi dia FM.
    Kalaula i can directly BF him ;'(

  4. Hi Umi Ilyas.. :) nice knowing u too! :)

  5. Iza... most babies mmg kena byk kali cuba baru leh latch dgn sempurna.. berapa byk tu, Leo tak dpt pulak nak bagitau berapa... jgn give up ya... Leo yakin u can do it! :) mix pun takpe... leo dulu, masa minggu ketiga pantang kut, campur FM sbb konfiden susu badan tak cukup... huhu... alangkah jahilnya masa tu..

    janji.. jgn give-up! :) tapi, kalau dah usaha/ tawakal sume, still baby prefers bottle.. then continue with fm.. njoy your motherhood.. changing method will not change the fact that you ARE the BEST mother your baby could ever wish for! :)

  6. Salam leo..my baby is abt armand's age so its great to read ur blog..can be a reference. Btw u said u cannot take milk...kenapa ye? I pun ni tgh trying my best to eliminate milk fr my diet cos suspect baby is allergic to milk. Do u mind sharing ur story... Btw mencabar sungguh nk avoid milk or dairy...

  7. Salam dear.. siapa nama ni? hehe... tinggal la link so that i can read ur blog too... cannot take milk not because saya lactose intolerant... kalo minum susu or dairy based food/drinks.. i'll get cirit birit or gastric... huhu... kalo sikit2, like sekeping cheese in 2 days tu ok la... tapi kalo nak consume 1 glass of milk in one shot.. mmg ke toilet la trus.. hehe.. dulu ada juga saya mention kat post ni..


    so, as per ur case, cuba check ngan doc.. maybe ur baby is allergic to protein.. bukan milk kut... this usually happens kalo u consume too much milk (maybe 4-5 glasses per day) and take Shaklee ESP tu perhaps.. yg tu sgt kaya ngan protein.. i took it masa puasa utk stabilkan milk production.. it helps.. but, if baby jenis allergic to protein, then mungkin ada problem lah... maybe u can try cut down milk intake la kut... or, safe side.. take calcium pills like me! hehe.. sampai skrg... :)

  8. leo, setuju ngn statement 4 di atas tu...mmg nk lempang je org yg ckp cmtu...hehe

    btw, aleesya consume 16oz instead of 20oz b4 she took solid food...byk gk kn...ngn makan 3x...huhu...

  9. ya ke Yanie? oooo ok... skrg Armand makan 2x je... pastu only 2oz each... maybe kalo 3x makan kurg la ekk susu... hehe.. ok ok.. nanti Armand dah mkn 3x leo monitor lain lak... tnx for sharing...

  10. Hello Leonora. :)
    Thank you for this post ! I especially love it when you wrote "any decision you made.. it's always the best for YOUR baby."
    I'm at crossroads between supplementing my breastmilk with formula milk (due to personal reasons) or continue to fully breastfeed my baby. Just thinking about it is making me feel like a failure.

  11. Hi Melissa... 1st and foremost, dun feel sad!! *hugsssss*

    wutever ur decision is, do stay with it and be happy... you must have a valid reason to do so and for that, you should be able to accept it with all your heart.. gituuuu....

  12. Leooooooooooo, rindu :(
    I takde mase lagi nak update blog, jalan2 blog org pun kjp2 jer.
    But i do agree, on how u feel sweating bile stok rase dah nak abis.
    as me, this whole week, i dun have much time to pump becoz of so called jadual padat of the kursus. hell hate it! :)
    but i think, at the end of the week, i managed to cater Isya's demand 18-20 Oz from 8am to 8pm. Syukur.
    I did agree jugak jgn stress pasal stok kurang lah ape lah, the thing is, just pump. Rezeki baby kan? :)

    Later i jalan sini lagi.
    hugssssss mmmuaaahhh!

  13. hugs to u too!!! *hell kursus.. okeh.. tlg menchi bagi pihak jugak... eheh*