October 12, 2011

ELIN's special: {segmen: What's in my bag}

Post... specially for Elin.. :)

She wants to know what's in my handbag.... sure or not Elin? ahahahhaahah.... heeds up.. the 'ingredients' kinda scary okeh...please bear with me! :)


Let's start from upper right onwards yaaa....
1. Purse
2. Lesmills Bodyjam chorey notes :)
3. iPod nano
4. Fitness First membership card
5. My other handphone (blackberry not in the pic coz  i used it to snap this photo.. hehe)  
6. Pen
7. HSBC device (we need this to access the internet banking... alah.. mcm maybank2u tuh.. tapi ni HSBC)
8. Car key with house keys with Disneyland keychain.. husband bought this a year ago i think.. (the keychain i mean.. ekekkek)
9. Panadol actifast. Apparently, i'm surrounded with friends who always in need of this... so in other words, it's not for me.. :)
10. Contact Lense eyedrop
11. Office tag
12. bunch of sampah plus coins and a ringgit.. heeeee
p/s: a piece of kotex, my Ventolin inhaler and few other sampah is not shown there.. malu lah.. ahahahh

as you notice... since forever, i never have any kind of makeup in my handbag... :) unless i'm going to a dinner/ occasion which requires me to dress up.. then there will be a lipgloss + a compact powder... office hours, i only makeup once in the morning... no makeup re-apply after Solat... eekekkekek...

The first 15ppl who read this is automatically tagged!!! please do it!!! ahahahahahah....



  1. ahahhaha.. *tu pun dikurangkan.. sbb malu nak tunjuk... bersepah okeh!*

  2. alamak i dh terbaca so mcm mana kakakaka =P

  3. eh i have the same green longchamp bag too !!! medium size want with long handle bought from HK longchamp boutique since diaorg on sale =)

  4. oowwhh..hsbc tu kalau nak cek on9 banking macam ade mende tu ek leo..?? so..semua org dapat lar ek..?? ai ade jugak..tapi untuk company..nak cek account company.. authorize person..tapi tak tau pulak personal nyer pon dapat...macam besh jer.. hahaha...[ai ni suker nak bende bukan2] ;p
    nak tag...tapi nak kemas bag dulu boleh.. hahahahar...

  5. banyaknye your stuff in the bag. tapi tu semua keperluan kan. I guess lagi besar beg lagi banyak barang kot.

  6. June... bila dah terbaca.. u kena terbuat ya! ekekkeke... yep.. green longchamp... mak mentua kasik present, masa dia pi Europe tour...

  7. aty... a'aa... individual account pun sama je.. kena tekan, kuar no,then key-in no tu utk transaction...

    heppp... mana leh kemas.. tak aciiiiiii

  8. shu... tak jugak tau... skrg ni mmg kena beg besar sbb senang nak sumbat pampers + napkin + mainan Armand kalo gi jln2... pakai satu beg je.. :)