November 22, 2010

Maternity Pillow

Anyone knows where to buy maternity pillows here in KL/selangor area? I've been to Curve and One Utama... Not even one of the stores have it.... *sighhhh*

Even one store made me close to scream!!

Me : Miss.. Do u have maternity pillows here?
Miss X : maternity pillow arrr? For mother or for baby?

Like harlowwww... Since when got baby pregnant!! Huh!!

One store made me smile sincerely...

Me : Dik.. Kat sini ada maternity pillow tak?
Miss Y : owh sorry kak.. Yg tu takde.. Kita ada fibre, feather and foam biasa je...
Me : *big smile* ni bantal pjg utk org pregnant la dik... Bukan isi bantal..
Miss Y: owh ya ke.. Saya tak tau.. Hehe...

At least she's sincere enuff to admit dat she nvr heard of such term before...

Again... Pls pls.. I want that pillow!!!! Normal pillow not enuff to support my whole 'penguin-like' body! :D lots of ppl say.. "Alahh... Ko susun je bantal byk2.."

Hmmm... Then after one twirl from my hubby, all the pillows will be on da floor... :(
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  1. Kak Yoe, so far mmg kite pun tak jumpa maternity pillow. But bleh la try carikkan.. if Kak Yoe ada knowany brand, let me know, I can try to contact them.
    In the meantime, feel free to browse my blog! haha.. ni promote nih.. hehe..

  2. org try search and jumpa nie

  3. alamak, dear, i pun xpernah dengar gak heheh kalua ada u update la kat sini sharing is sexy!!

  4. susun bantal jek.. so far tak penah jumpa lagi.. take care ye!!

  5. babe, i went to mothercare at BSC... kat situ dia tulis ada jual maternity pillow tu kat dalam catalogue... cuba u call and ask them ada tak. i lupa nak check how much is the price...

  6. Nisa'.... brandnya takde plak specific... tapi range not more than Rm200..

    dayang.. will do!

    june... babyloft punya Rm300++.. mahalssssssss

    farah.. next entry i buat pasal bantal ni ok... hehe

    mar... bantal dah susun... tak jadik.. kena tendang dan libas akhirnya.. haha

    ida.. ok tnx.. wil cek cek cek it out... :)

  7. Kak Yoe, alang2 mencari tu.. apakata Kak Yoe visit Baby & Parents Expo kat Mid Valley this coming 26-28 Nov. Try la tgk kat situ. In the meantime, I'll give u a shout if I found one within your price range!

  8. dear, i just bought maternity pillow yesterday. will update into my blog later. my husband buy at Modern Mum Jusco Tebrau City. Maybe all Modern Mum store ada jual. Price RM159. The pillow can convert to Nursing Pillow also.

  9. Hi ms sz.... huhu... modern mum kat KL ni takde.. :( enjoy ur pillow... later share share in the blog k... :)

    i bought through ebay odi... hopefully i can get it by end of next week...

  10. Cuba search mudah atau buka