November 24, 2010

Maid! *post without picture... grrrrrr*

because i can't upload images at this time.. i have to skip the maternity pillow's entry and replaced with this one.... MAID!

Should we hire a maid?
Full time/ part time?
Is it necessary?
Do we have any other options?

Since i got to know that i'm pregnant, having a maid is one of the major thing that occupies my mind.... why? because both my husband and i are working... roughly 8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays... what should we do with the baby while we are working? let's work through the scenarios and the options.... how can we cope with a baby (or more :D) later....

1. I resign!
- hmmmm.... for some reason, some husbands/wifes prefer this option the best as the mother will always be the best caretaker of their children.... tolak mak2 meroyan yg cekik anak sendirik tu lah ekk.. lagi satu, tolak mak2 yg 'membenarkan' laki sendiri rape anak... ok... living in KL (contoh satu saje.. sbb saya berada di sini!) is not cheap! full-stop! :)
- expenses.... house, car (2 at least), electricity + water + astro (penting nih ok), food, clothes, child's needs (clothes, pampers, etc), our insurance, child insurance, education insurance.. this is our basic needs.. monthly! i think you can do your own math on how much we need..... yg hutang piutang credit card tu tak kira lagik.. SKII.... barang2 Nike... beli DVD cetak rompak secara pukal! eheh
- so the thought of me resigning is not an option... at least not now.. :) money is one thing... more important, i don't think i can live without working... :) without earning my own money.... without having my own circle of life/ friends.... i do want more stuff from time to time and i'm not gonna put that burden to my husband and i will never will.... if ada rezeki alhamdulillah... if takde, my love for him is not gonna be any less! :) and i'm not gonna die if i can't have Haagen Dazs ice-cream.. haha... yep, my 'extra' thing mostly comes from food!

2. Leave the baby with my mum-in-law (MIL)
- Firstly, i need to say this... i'm blessed and grateful to have a MIL..who is very caring in a lot of ways... just like my mum... :) so.. i'm not gonna take advantage of this...
- Fact: No nenek in this world will say NO to jaga cucu... seriously... if we ask, definitely she'll say YES! ok, let's say we do send the baby to her... meaning by 9am, she will need to feed him, bath him, burp him and bla bla bla... until 6pm! everyday! i don't think i have a heart to let her do that... she's not in her 30s anymore.... near to 60! honestly, i can't imagine, how can any son/daughter let their mums to take care of their child/children while working... somehow.. kejam okeh! tak cukup ke mak besarkan kita adik-beradik.. ni nak suruh jaga cucu pulak... ish! biorle org tua tu rehat2... tgk telenovela... pi jogging pagi2 ke apa ke....
- So again.. no no for me!

3. Leave the baby at nursery 
- So many cases of baby died while in nursery! scarrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

4. Hire a maid
- So many scary stories too... runaway maid and etc...
- Mostly indonesian maid hor... hmm... how about Cambodian maid? not many horror stories yet hor...
- hmmm... something to consider....

With all the scenarios above... i would say, hiring a maid would be the most practical/ logical solution... left only one thing... i'm thinking.. instead of having the maid alone with the baby at home (to illiminate all the scary thoughts)... why don't i send the baby WITH the maid to my MIL's... with this, my MIL can supervise the maid.. she won't be tired and the maid can definitely learn something from MIL.... moreover.. if the baby asleep, the maid can help around my MIL in the house... :) later in the afternoon, the baby and maid will be back to our home.. the baby will be with their parents and the maid will do the housechores... hehehhe.. i like!
hubby.. let's discuss this ya...

dear all.. please be informed that all the above facts/ thoughts are merely from me, myself and i... you are not obliged to follow... and those thoughts and decision are made to cater to my needs.. my situation... other people might not find my solution is the best.. so feel free to explore your own options... but think wise... with your HEAD, not your HEART! *wink* don't be selfish and not to lenient either... bak kata org melayu.. buat baik berpada2.. *tetiber* 

if you have other suggestions/ opinions in mind... feel free to share as well... i think it would help a lot of new parents to be to cope with this situation....

muslim cambodian maid in mind,

p/s: anybody has hire one before? care to share? :)


  1. never had a cambodian maid before.....but i know another friend who's also on her confinement right now is also looking for one.....might be a challenge nak cari....another option that i heard some ppl saying is to get sabahan....but not too sure if they want to come...and some say ade language barrier plak...cos they cant speak standard bahasa....

    we're thinking of our own maid too - with no.2 on the way numpang my mom's maid je.....but its sooooooo expensive going thru the agent, unless u already hv an existing calon from Indon....then they will help to do the processing je....try checking with Mieko.....i heard she's looking for one too....

  2. my previous HR boss has a cambodian maid... she said the maid is verrry good.. language barrier = yes... but they managed as the maid make an effort to learn... she even draw things to understand better.. hehe... important? there's not many cambodian maid around, so the risk of having maid wondering around with other maid (like indo maid) will unlikely happen lah... i'll get the contact and share with you ok... :)

    no 2 on the way??? wow!!!!!!!! congratssssssssss......... our baby will have friend next year... yayy! :)

  3. bgs jugak amik maid, then hntr ke rumah ur MIL...i think tu yg the best... :)

  4. yessss...sila share contact ye nanti...ehehe.....are they considered to be religious muslims these combidians?....cos indon muslim tu pon mcm tangkap muat je some of them....kalo nasib baik we'll get a good one la....Insya Allah....

  5. k chot pernah ada cambodian maid. ambil thru my aunt who frequently visits cambodia. so, this girl mmg sepatah haram x faham bahasa selain bahasa dia. tapi... dia berjaya ckp bm in less than 3 mths. before that, semua guna bahasa isyarat.
    plus point: cambodian maid generally rajin sbb dah biasa susah.
    minus point: bahasa. memula x faham TAPI lepas dia faham dan pandai ckp, dia suka tgk tv ler plak... tehehe.. tu takpe, sbb kitorang lock decoder astro...:)
    maybe sbb maid k chot muda belia lagi kot sbb tu suka berangan sambil tgk TV. kerja rumah sume tip top. no complaints there. cuma dia kasar skit masa buat kerja..dah nama biasa kerja di ladang...tehehe~
    oh, ya. lagi satu, maid k chot muslim yg sgt taat pada agama. :)

  6. no 4 is the best solution..MIL buleh tlg survey2 kan.. now a days, susash nk carik maid yg betul2 buleh buat keja dan jaga anak kita dgn elok.. my sister in law je, dlm 2 tahun, 5 kali tukar maid..

    nursery?? oh no!! saya juga tidak bersetuju..dh sgt byk kes.. my solution, i tak berani amek maid, tak berani nk htr kt nursery, MIL dah takde, so hantar kt jiran lama yg sgt2 dipercayai walaupun agak jauh sedikit..(bekas babysitter zafirah dulu)

    anyway..semua ibu inginkan yang terbaik utk anaknya.. so.. do your best!!

  7. Hi Kak Yoe.. for me hantar maid+baby to MIL house to mmg the best solution la.. tapi kitorg setakat ni tak mampu lagi nak amik maid.. bygkan le.. kalo go through agent je skrg fees dah RM8K++ dah mcm downpayment nak beli kereta dah! tu belum kire kalo lari lagik! adusss..

    2nd best option is to hantar rumah org/jiran/sedara mara yg mmg rapat & kite boleh percaya. Kalo setakat nak hantar kat rumah org yg kite baru kenal, better don't. Kang jadi plak kes laki org tu dera baby yg dijaga etc etc..Mcm kitorg takde kenal rapat ngan jiran2..sedara mara yg kat KL plak sume kerja gak.

    So kitorg terpaksa go for 3rd best option, which is hantar nursery. But I only sent my baby after 3 months++. Syarat kitorg, nursery mesti yg berdaftar & selalu dipantau, bersih, ada baby room, can handle expressed breastmilk, ratio pekerja to baby not more than 1:3, ada aircond..hehe.. mmg kitorg carik yg ok la. Mcm nursery my baby ni siap bagi 1 babycot for 1 baby, so senang tak bercampur. Then, kitorg hantar baby pun dah siap mandi coz takut nak suruh nursery mandikan. Bila dah 6 months++ dah bleh duduk baru kitorg suruh nursery mandikan. Lagi satu coz my baby is fully breastfeeding, so dia ni jenis yg kalo nak menyusu through bottle pun kene diriba+peluk, that means pekerja nursery tu takleh biarkan dia menyusu sorg2.. hehe.. ni mmg kitorg specially trained our baby. So incident tercekik susu tu bolehla dikurangkan risikonye.. Coz incident ni actually boleh berlaku kat mana2 je..even kat rumah sendiri di bwh jagaan kitepun boleh berlaku. It just that how we want to prevent it.
    Hiring maid alone in the house for a baby mmg sangat seram.. takut maid tu bg baby minum minyak tanah pun kite tak tau..

    Eh tapikan Kak Yoe, kite ada dgr skrg dah ramai gak yg amik maid dari southern Thai (Patani etc)..boleh ckp melayu kelantan & muslim. Since family Kak Yoe kat Pasir Mas, maybe lagi senang nak carikkan kot.. hehe.. kalo ada contact pun give me a shout k.. coz kitorg pun will need a maid sooner or later..

  8. option no.4 tu mmg yg paling ideal sekali...!

  9. no 4.. hire a maid and send them to yr MIL house.. i definitely do this but apparently i xde baby lagi... huhu

  10. wahhhh... 1st time komen2 sepjg entry i... ahhaha.. suke suke suke... tima kasih sume for the pendapat2... really2 apreciates it...

    i have contacted one agency.. hopefully it's the right one.. nanti bagus ke tak bagus.. saya buat review ya... :)

    nisa'.... noooooooooooo... don't take maid from thailand... akak kan org kelantan.. membesar dgn maid2 thai neh.. ahemmmm... lagi horror dari segi yg lain.. hmmm.. ngeri ngeri... dah le depa ni cantik2.. and ada ilmu bagai2.. masak terror.. hmm... danger danger.... u know wut i mean? *wink*

    achik! heyyyaaa... welkam welkam to my blog.. hehe...

    maira.. takpe.. simpan info2.. nanti ada baby nanti, leh pakai.. :)

  11. kalau mampu amik maid. kalau ada rezeki, dapat ler yg baik. kalau rezeki takde, kita amik orang sebelah rumah pun, kalau nak hampeh tu hampeh juge. ideally mmg la jaga sendiri yg terbaik tapi kalau dua2 suami isteri bekerja nak buat camana.. trust me on this dik, from the experience of the mother of three yang selalu ditinggal-tinggalan suami. it helps. a lot. all the best! ;)

  12. huhu...skrg ni pun dah rasa kesan2 tinggal-tinggalan suami.. isk isk... pray for me hor....