November 15, 2009

earlier than expected...

arghhhhhhhh......... as the wedding will be in May, I thought I have 6 months more to diet enjoy ... now guess what!?! i only have 3 months!!!

nahhh.... we're not rescheduling our wedding... hehe... just that, i have the honour to be the bridesmaid to our dear friend, Zila. Her wedding will be in February.... *gulp*

pressure people pressure!!!

owh by the way... "zila.. i tak nak la overshadow you nanti kan kan kan.. so kena la dpt approval u dulu kan kan kan... i nak pakai tiara ni nanti bleyyyyy takk...." *sambil kedip-kedip mata manja*


i have ordered my wedding card odi!!! *clap clap clap*

1 comment:

  1. whahahahah!!! I pun tgh diet akakss!! jom kiter berdiet okeh! skrg tak buleh ada alasan utk tidak berdiet dah! huhuhu.. ;p