December 2, 2008

Me tagging myself.. eheh

First Name - Sharifah Leonora Yuhannees (hamik ko..)
Nickname - Leo or Yoe or Waterlily aka Eva Longoria :D
Day of Birth - Tuesday i think...
Time of Birth - 11.59am (stated on my birth cert.. hehe)
Zodiac sign - Scorpio

This or That
Flowers or Chocolates - Flowers
Pepsi or Coke - Pepsi
Rap or Rock - Rap.. yo yo!
Relationship or One Night Stand - Relationship lorrrrrr.......
School or Work - School!!
Love or Money - Use to be love.. now Money... ;-)
Movies or Music - Movies definitely!
Country or City - Country (resting), City (working)
Sunny days or Rainy days - Sunny days, less jam :P
Friends or Family - Family then friends.. :D

Flower - Waterlily or White rose.
Candy - Any candy...
Song - hmmm...
Scent - fresh grass..
Color - White!
Musical Instrument - Serunai
Movie - Shutter... huauauauaaaaa....
Actor/Actress - Kalo i letak Fasha Sanda mesti kena *hiak dish* kan...
Junk food - keropok
Animal - fish!

Have you ever
Lied - Yep (tipu la sape tak penah menipu tuh..)
Smoked - Nope
Broke someone’s heart - Yep.. regretfully :(
Had your heart broken - a lot :(
Wish you were a prince/princess - Not in a million years.. i want to be a King! hahahah...
Liked someone who was taken - few times
Shaved your head - Tak buleh... religion tak bagi
Been in love - Yep
Used chopsticks - Yep
Sang in the mirror to yourself - sing to my shower with my toothbrush, yes... :D

Ever cried over someone - Yep.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - taller? more cruel?
Do you think you’re attractive - Of coz!!!!
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - i want it to be, Rumpelstilzskin
Do you play any sports - Bodyjam sports kaa?

List eight random facts about yourself and tag your friends.

#1. I love sleeping, dancing and eating
#2. I kinda lost hope for real love :D
#3. I always dream of becoming Ivanka Trump
#4. I wanna own a dance/ muay thai studio.. insyaAllah
#5. I hate roaches.. period!
#6. I'm a horror movie freak, who watches horror movies alone at home in a dim light :D
#7. I love my 2 soul sistas.. *hugs*
#8. I wanna own a fancy car yet not enuff money :P


muka i yg penuh jerawat tensen bekerja.. buwekkkkk (vomit blood) :P

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