December 12, 2008

Red Obsession

I think everyone has their favourite colour… mine has always been white and red… previously, my wardrobe is full of glaring red stuff.. even Hari Raya, I’ll be in Gong Xi Fa Cai costume… hehe… I mean red kebaya, red kurung and red shoes (masa kecik2 la)… ehemmm… white, even though my favourite as well, having a voluptuous structure, white doesn’t really go well as a baju… huhu…. If u know what I mean… so I ended up having white shoes, bed sheets, towel.. bla bla bla…
This week.. eheh… I came across my ‘Red Obsession’ again… my version of it lah.. because I don’t really think anybody else will be devoted enough to do this except me... hehe… me got a Red shoes.. hehe Red Sport Shoes to be exact.. (I remembered somebody has a really yellow sport shoes though..) ehemmmmm….

It is tailor-made to street dance.. (macam la I nak gi menari dkt tepi2 jalan tu kan… tak kuasaaaa)… it’s very light… front part of the shoe is tough enough to seize the ‘house tap’ and yet flexible enough to do ‘samba de janeiro’… auwwwww… me loikeeee! The sole is flat, without ‘jagged edge’ of a running shoes… they even have the circle spot like previous Nike shoes for easy-turning (ya… we like to turn a lot in Bodyjam.. peninnn..) And being a compulsive Bodyjammer, me have lots of Nike dance shoes to tailor to the release of bodyjam… remember BJ45, the butterfly jump, my glow in the dark Airmax (hehe.. my souls sistas have it as well) suits the moves very well… house tap in BJ41 and BJ42, Qvida is the best for my non-cinderella feet… BJ38, ran kan kan latin fascination so this time around, I have NIKE AIR TROUPE!! (and me chose the red one.. ehemmmm… obsessed! obsessed!)

Notice the RED lamp and RED candle holder? :D

That’s the theory of the shoes… never had experience wearing the shoes doing the whole class yet… today I’m so gonna where it while practicing BJ47 with my soul sistas and Ant… care to join?

Notice the RED blanket on my couch and the RED curtain?

Notice the RED carpet? duhhhh......

Let's see, how the shoes have effect on my feet.. blisters? pain? relieve? glamour? gituuuuuu...... will blog more about it after more review and critics... ehemmmmm


  1. today Kak Leo got practice?? where?? where??!! when??!! (sibuk betul kan budak nih?!! ish ish!!)
    budak 'hingusan' mcm I boleh join tak?? hehehe.. :)

  2. practice can i join?
    nice much ni?

  3. Yellow? I think It's me..??

  4. yup yup Ken... it's you! :D miss your yellow shoes.. still got arr?