May 17, 2006

Shimmy timeeeee....

Hola... Just got thru the Nikerockstar Sol (latin)... fiyuhhhh... the ones that will be joining me are K Tina, Su lin and Kok Hoe... the best part is, the THREE DIVAS ARE IN DA HOUSE!!! Juwita, Azyei and me!!!! (tak kira, i nak mengaku Diva jugak) it has been a while since we dance together... the last was the Bodyjam training with Kylie Gates.... missed the gossipping time, the chatting, the 'kutuk'ing.... the training will be on this weekend... Sorry sayang.... this weekend is my time with my precious sisters... you pegi la buat overtime kat workshop yer... he he... miss ya already... next week, i'll spend da weekend with u yer... we go see movie ok...

Back to the training... actually i am more to a hip hop person than latin... suppose i'm just lucky that my latin is not that bad... ahaks!! more backache for me lar doing latin... need to do more Yoga and Pilates i think... very looking forward to it... maybe got the chance to teach in FF Consplant Subang...

Bodyjam 37!!! aiyooooo.... manyak i suka!!! lagu hip hop best best... got My Humps, Dun Funk Wif My Heart, Luxurious and many more... the Capoeira touch gives this release a whole new look and feel... makes me love Bodyjam more and more... hopefully i can lose more weight... es pecially towards end of the year... hik hik... come on Leo... u can do it....

There's so many things in my life now seems to work very well lately.... Alhamdullillah syukur.... May Allah bless everything and bless all my families and friends, Aminnnnn.... the best part is, you own the happiness and yet you can share it with the people you love and make them feel the aura of delight from you... there's no point of being at joy, but you have nobody to share it with....


  1. yeap yeap! agreed! wait for me to come back next year k! hehehe ... we can share the crazee wacky fun and joy again! at the moment, i am still surviving with limited joy from friends! WAH!!! 3 DIVAS! Welcome back ~~~ the house miss ya :P

  2. Tuuuudiaaaaaa~~~! Mengaku DIVA! Hamboi! Just remember, there is only ONE crown to go around, so don't fight fight and pull pull hair among your gurls ok! If cannot learn how to share, return the crown back to Anita Sarawak!

  3. Hahaha... The three divas... Congrats to all the 6 of you! :)

  4. Congrats to you all!

    Please please pleasseeeee start ROCKSTAR soon!!!

    Cant wait!


  5. Kenny, it should start next week! :P

    5th Onwards!