January 5, 2007


sowwiii lah about this blogskin thingy... so green at this... very amateur work... i'm learning bit by bit kay... so, u'll be presented by all sorts of awkward style of blog skinning, templating, headering and backgrounding, until i get what i really want... hiak!!


  1. i so the like new layout... very the elegant.. only if the font colour not red, it would be perfect ! mata pinar2 wohhh ! :-D

  2. been quite some time gak tak singgah sini, and i think it's been quite some time gak tak nampak u kat ofis. been very bz ek?

    mana dpt skin batik2 nih? menarik gak!

  3. So sorry ok. I failed! I couldn't change your kulit-blog, coz from the one they had at www.blogskins.com were only for the old blogger, and not the beta version. Takpa, you main tenyeh jer, surely it will turn out nice.

  4. LN: sakit mata ka? he he... nanti i tukau ye...

    Najwa Aiman: i takde kat opis ke? ada lah... u je sombong, tak reti2 nak melawat i kt 3rd floor tuh...

    hafiz: duk tenyeh la ni...