September 16, 2007

Weekend at Kijal!!!

For the first time, we were disqualified!!! ptui.... well... there were more than 70 teams were with us... kuang kuang kuang... better luck next year yah... our benchmark always, Kak Gee's team... eheh... sorry kak...

Apa2pun... we had a blast time as always... Sime's treasure hunt is the only event organized by the Sports Club that I'm looking forward each year... other than that, :P. They need to change committee man.. they suck big time!! Been a member for 4 years, yet nothing new came out... Our division just launch our own Sports Club.. Hopefully, we can show them how a Sports Club should be! Good Luck!

Kembali kepada Treasure Hunt... The theme was Night at The Oscars.. I've decided to dressed-up as Gusti Putri Retno Dumillah aka Puteri Gunung Ledang... OMG! it's such a Dejavu... having all those accessories as Dokoh, Subang, Gelang Kaki reminded me so much of our dancing time... Miss Adikara Dance Theatre so much. The talented En Jas and Chen. The mischivieous (cam salah eja jerr..) Usop Senioe and the gang.. and Of course not forgotten my Two Diva Sisters.. Azyei and Juwita... owhhh... those days are always my sweetest memories ever... Anyway, as we were late for the finishing line (in Kuantan), so we arrived late at Awana Kijal, around 7.30pm... dinner will start at 8!! hmmm... we haven't checked in, haven't showered... when to make time for make-up, costume bla bla bla... so, in a rush bla bla bla... makeup oso, so-so only.. we rushed to the poolside by 9++... fuuhhhhh.... this is what i like about Sime people, there are a bunch of peeps who you can count on dressing up for anything... again, anything... there were Pendekar Bujang Lapok.. so cute... bunch of witches.. catwoman, fairiee, tinker bell, lara croft, count dracula.. gladiator...the MC became incredible hulk.. few Romans soldiers.. jack sparrow..erkk.. i think there were more than 3 Jacks that nite.. and i have my own sweetheart Jack on that day ;-) eheh.. my favourite, Men in Black.. hik hik... two 'old' guys, dressed in black suit and holding pistol mainan with a very serious expression... priceless! I was expecting someone wud become King Leonidas from movie 300.. hmm, nobody has that type of body i guess.. lemme bring you to that nite kay...

Fendi, Ayek, Me, Ramlan (aka Sivaji The Boss) and Mea

Part of the 'over-dressed' people.. eheh..

More of them..

pendekar bujang lapok.. told you they were cute..

these were the winners... hmmm umm.. Fahmi.. eheh..catwoman, capten
hook and tinker bell

me with Mea.. PGL the musical she said.. he he..

The dinner was allright, it could have been more organized ;-) anyway, good food...

The next morning... yeaaa... time to get wet!! we had a dip at the beach at first but the water is quite deep... and the wave is quite strong... ayak... takut la pulak... bertukar! masuk swimming pool dah la... hey hey, Awana Kijal's swimming pool is always been my favourite... enough depth for swimming and got Jacuzzi summore... we had fun!!

Farid, Ayek, Arief and Me... well, it seems that Arief is the only one who can
really 'swim'.. eheh...

eh, kacau jelah daun tuh...

heee... Mea cannot swim... saved by the 'tepian pool'

Me, Mea and Fendi..

Thanks friends for making my weekend so much fun... a special appreciationn too my teammates Arief, Vivian and Alvin... Next year we'll beat them all ya.. Muaaahhhh...

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