December 26, 2009

More family moment!

heeeee...... last week was my time with Alif's family... this week, i'm again blessed with family moment but with my own..... apart from normal outing, shopping and dinner, we've decided to go to Genting Theme Park... and guess what, none of us had camera.. hahah... so just managed to capture some photos using my antique N73.. huhu...

my mum and her grandchildren...

my bro, sis in law and their children....

as i'm the only one who knows how to operate my cam-phone 'successfully'... huhu... definitely i'm the camerawoman all the way... a.k.a. no picture of me... :P

besides that... this week also brought 2 happy news!!!

first... congrats to my nieces..

Puteri Alyaa Afzan for her 7As, 1B in PMR & Puteri Aellisya for her 5As in UPSR
*perlu la gamba ngan mak sedara vogue jugak kannnn...*


my friend, Kay Fuad got engaged!! with her beloved Ray Biemens... may Allah bless you both.... aminnn....
*i curik gamba ni from your FB ya.. me like this one*

happy happy happy..


  1. awww... thanks so much for the wish and the picture. *wipe tear*

  2. Saya suker citer family-family ni.. hehe.. ;)

  3. auntie yg vogue hehehehe.... i like that :)

  4. thanx 4 the wish nda yoe.!!love u soo much.!!;)

  5. genting best.. pergi bersama keluarga menambahkan lagi ke'best'an itewww..hehe