May 10, 2010

rushing here and there

apologize in advance for the delay in posting.... i'm rushing here and there... smoothing things out until the very last minute... so many things i wanted to share yet i'm too tired and too sleepy to blog, at the end of the day... eeeeeveeerrrrrryyyyyyyydayyyyyyyyyy..... when i got a bit of free-time.. i'll update accordingly ya...

rushing, rushing jugak.. makan tetap makan babe! :)

i'm going back to Pasir Mas on 11th nite... yep! this coming, tuesday nite... :)


  1. hehe..i dah terbayang how bz nye u nih..tak care..kalo drive, hati2 ye dear

  2. Hahahhaaa..comel u.. anyway. congratess in advance...

  3. gud luck!! pasni dh settle semua..takyah rush2..ok..