September 23, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter/Son?

Wow!! after quite a disasterous month... i'm back on my feet! alhamdulillah.. yayy! baby is very good to mummy.. so what did mummy do (beside eating non-stop :D) ?? mummy is back to dancing y'all!!!!

eheheh.... i joined Cardio Dance on Monday.. and had fun at the Bodyjam launch in Fitness First Axis on Tuesday... proudly say (hish... riak... tak baik uols), 3 months preggy lady has more stamina than some other ppl in the class?? aahhaahhh.... well... mummy lepas gian.. tak dapek nak nolong....

end result? of course i feel less tired... definitely happier as i can't really say i enjoy the nausea month of the whole Ramadhan month.... it's part of being pregnant... very much grateful for that though... kenot komplen a lot... nanti baby kuar bebel banyak.. no no noooo.....

had a scan today.... very anxious yet is so looking forward to see the little one for the first time.... as it's kinda last minute, hubby can't tag along... so i ended up a happy story-telling to him afterwards.... :)

I'm 13 weeks preggy.... so Doc said, the baby would be 'fully developed' as a 'baby-looking'.. meaning... you can see him/her as a baby on the ultrasound screen instead of just a heartbeat previously... :) miracle! the baby is very active... you can see he/she moves, opening the arms and legs, everytime the ultrasound probe (i want to call it a probe.. i dun care! :P) touches him/her... streching the back... so like dancing baby... ahahahha... well, that's what i get after 2 dancing classes aite? 

eheh.... good baby! good baby!

damn i miss blogging!

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