January 6, 2012

Armand - 9 months!

Assalamualaikum!!! alhamdulillah... my son is 9 months old yesterday... :) sihat dan membesar dgn hensem... yaaa... setiap mummy mesti sentiasa bias terhadap anak sendiri... please correct me if i'm wrong! ahahaha.....

Armand is very much manage to stand with one hand....

ready for a wedding! :) 

Armand is very much like 'toys' and 'things' which is not meant for babies....

no baby carseat mummy pelisssssssss..... well, our Maxicosi is quite small for him anyway... any recommendations for cheap and comfy carseat?? :)

and of course... swimming with mummy.... hehehheeh... this is what you get, when you always swim during pregnancy....

cantik tak tudung mummy?? ahahahah... sorry peeps... this activity was done during our family day in A Famosa resort... and this pool is our Villa pool... awayyyy from others' eyes... :) Armand is soooo happy to 'play' with water!

Other development... pretty much the normal 9months baby... babbling... eating so many things.. even karipap and cream puff! love finger food... Farley's Rusks choco biscuit and McD french fries.. hmmm... mummy 'licked' all the salt first... tak bagus bagi byk garam dkt baby katanya... yet.. he has no teeth yet! ekekekke...

how's mummy? haihhhhhh... still same old same old 74kg!! yes.. i'm mad at myself... pretty much still to lose weight... pray that i will succeed by March2012? ekekekke... new year resolution katanyaaa....

till then... not too late if i were to wish everybody... HAPPY NEW YEAR... MAY ALLAH BLESS ALL YOUR DOA... DIMURAHKAN REZEKI, DIKEKALKAN KESIHATAN... AMINNNN.... :)



  1. Aminnnnnnnnnnn :)
    I pun entah bile lah nak balik ke berat dulu tue. macam mimpi je lah! kahkah!

  2. sgt hencem.. rambut belah tepi uollssssss..hehe.. caiyok mummy.. yakin boleh!!! ( sy pon sama..skang 58kg..nak turun lagi 8kg) hehe.. mari sama2 mengurangkan berat badan.. :)

  3. Hi Leo, miss ur entry la and armand too.

  4. yeaaayy, armand punya pelampung sama dgn ilyaas la:) armand cepat tumbuh gigi nnt bleh gigit mummy..aunty dah slalu dah kena gigit ngn ilyaas.

    its ok leo, keep on breastfeed nnt sure balik ke berat dulu..sure can:)
    jom sama2 kurang berat..i need another 4-5kg to go

  5. Happy New Year Kak Yoe! wah..best betul tgk armand swim!
    We use Britax Eclipse car seat for toddlers. Sgt selesa.. Hafiy naik keta mesti nak duduk kat situ. He is going to be 2 yrs old next month, weight 12kg++ but the car seat still fit him well. Beli kat mothercare, time tu ada sale!

  6. Maya... ko 58kg jek... hmmm... berat montot + perut akak je tuh... ahahahha

  7. shu... miss u too!! and Saqlain!! and his celak!!! sobs!

  8. Athidean.. mcm lagi bfeed lagi makan banyak gitu.. ngeh ngeh ngeh...

  9. Nisa'! kami gi beli SCR aka Sweet Cherry sahaj! Rm149!! yayyy... ahhahaha... kena berjimat skrg... kang takleh dpt kicen kebinet idaman.. ngeeeee

  10. armand dah besar dah!!1agi 3 months dah jadi toddler!car seat pun dah tak muat ye mommy.. hehe. amani next month dah 1 year!yay!=)

  11. aja... tu lah... Amani dah pun nak 1 year.. aihhhhh... cepat sungguh masa berlalu tapi mummy armand belum kurus2! ahahahah....