March 20, 2006

Flood in IOI Mall Puchong....

Experience of a life time mannn...

Okay... we (Group X Demo Team) had sales demo in IOI mall, solely for the new Fitness First chain.... one at 4pm and 7pm... after the 4pm, we had our coffee break in Starbucks then had fries at McDonald's... then, its started to rain... while enjoying the breeze outside the McD, all of a sudden everybody was running to their car and others just stand... we thought there was an accident... nop! it was a flash flood... the water already up until half of the car tyres...

u can imagine all the Kancil and Kelisa.... parah wa cakap lu.... and in not more than 10mins, the flood already covered all the tyres i.e: half or the car... luckily K Azyei, Claire, and me parked our car on the roof!!! but unfortunate for Sulin... her Kelisa went to ICU already....

The flood was so bad, as most of the 'expensive' cars, Honda, Estima, u name it... semua tenggelam daaaa.... and we saw one BMW 3 series... walaweiiiii.... beli keta baru le gamaknya.... our FF booth at the concourse, turned into an island... the water already inside the IOI, flooding almost half the concourse area and certain part of Jusco.... the management has to switched off the electricity and we had to cancel our 7pm demo... well, wut to do... stayed there until 9pm... no more rain, we all helped Sulin cleaning up the car (pouring the water out from her car to be exact).... She had to leave her car there coz no workshop was open on Sunday.... its already 9.30pm... all the tow cars had their 'durian runtuh' yesterday....

ooohhhhh..... (sigh)


  1. Haih...Flood outside and INSIDE IOI Mall? What a waste of time, to go there and ended up with no demo. Cheh.. How's Sulin's car? It must've been quite a sight, seeing all the rushing waters and the flooded cars. Quite an 'interesting' experience, but don't think I wanna go through one, he he he..

  2. poor su lin...heard her story also.

  3. thats bad ... the rain nowadays that bad??? Hows Sulin doing? Send my regards to her!

  4. Macam macam boleh jadi lah... The weather in Subang lately has been crazy... Pernah hail storm before also... :P

    How was Rockstar?

  5. hi everybody!!!!!!! (dahhh lama tak blog hopping and leave my ink...)my clk (cute lil kelisa) is ALIVE and kicking! hahahaha............definitely not something i'd recommend my friends to go through...but it was an experience. A special thank you message to leo, anthony, azie, claire for waiting at IOI together with me and scooping water out from the vehicle...i'm blessed to have people like you! so we're both now back and stronger :) ....having said tht i do miss the "cute" alarm noise my pfk made when it went a bit haywire.