December 18, 2006

Aftermath... he he...

people got aftermath for tsunami... me got aftermath for training and launching... not feelinf very well today... i need rest... a lot of rest... so gonna make this short today... courtesy from xpeace05....

nice or not... our pyramid built in hartamas =) and all my dearie friends... have you noticed a comment on =P post, an anonymous said that i'm not 'lawa'.... aiyoooo... look at the pic laa... sorry, news flash to you... I am 'lawa', i always 'lawa' and i will always be 'lawa'.... inside out... it's just you (anonymous), who always be tak 'lawa'... dah le tak hensem, hati pun tak 'lawa'... tadaaaaaa!!!! that's why u always have to say people tak 'lawa' so that u rasa u tu 'lawa'.... apa2 pun.. its your right la kan... so, again... news flash... this is MY blog, MY right, MY life and MY friends... u nak mengata org... buat your own blog... ops sorry, ni mesti your blog takde org visit ekk... so kesian.... so tak 'lawa'... hiak!!!

Hmmmm... this topic can be quite long i suppose... talking about 'lawa'=beauty, shirlyn also had an anonymous pissing off at her blog in a quite same manner... let me think yaa, who created all the humans by the way... its our GOD... being a person who dares to say GOD creation is tak lawa, is really takde insurance... Yes, i admit that sometimes myself also will say bad things about a physical of a person, but never in my intention nor my action indicates it in a 'forum'... hello anonymous, if you are really 'rajin' to visit my blog, and you are reading this... please be informed that i have a circle of friends and families whom always think i'm beautiful.... and for me they are the most beautiful person in this world too... if you have problem with that, go and have it in your own blog!!!


  1. arwah nenek gua pernah cakap.. "don't argue with the idiots, they will drag us to their level.."

    so.. biarla dia terjun dgn labu busuknya...

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  3. Lawa tak lawa, whatever other people say, just don't give a damn and take whatever he/she says as a compliment. As long as YOU yourself know that you are NOT ugly is good enough. And I know you are NOT ugly, and I am NOT ugly. Agree?

  4. These ppl are juz attention seekers lah, so don't bother. My blog also kena flamed before, and masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan... :P

  5. Leo,

    I observed ur themed class just now from outside. I was there for 2 hours prior to it so dah lembik nak join yours. Wah nampak best gila. Keep up the good work :)