December 1, 2006


Hola... it seems like ages... it really ages actually, since Hari Raya... its true what people say, troubles/ problems always come in a batallion... hmppphh... dun really want to reveal it here coz it will take me at least 2 days finish the complete 'story'... to cut it short...

after came back from Raya holiday... my Gen-2 = sucks!!! proton = sucks!!! (baru tau ka) opis = bz like hell!!! hell oso not this busy lah... gym = had to cancel so many classes = GXC mengamuk!!! so, the outcome of those = me got shit everyday... tension tension, pressure pressure, cry cry.... gen-2 = change from top to toe = RM20k++ ... lps ni beli kereta baru... muahahahahhhhhh.... work = paid off la... gym = ok oledi... now enjoying the new Bollyjam =) but what i regretted the most, almost hurt people that i love along the way... yup, i know... my fault... SOWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII......

So today (1/12/06) = ok lah....
1. borrowed my Bro's car
2. My mom, sister n her children are here in KL =)
3. work in ofis under control
4. gym, still enjoying every bit of it =) looking forward for launch with Jason, tuition with Kylie andddddddddd special theme class in IOI... so people, look out ya, 24th Dec, 4pm, IOI Fitness First... Me invited Azyei to help me to instruct the class and special appearance by Juwita (hmmm, hoping her to teach Hips Dun Lie...)... welcome back...
5. Managed to sell my Sime Darby shares =)
6. Sime Darby Sports Club dinner tonite... hmmmm, time to wear my new dress =)

hmmm, wut do you think? i think i survived quite well under all those circumstances...

last but not least, thanks for all my dear friends for my lovely birthday presents... the Esprit purse enlighten my 'kekurangan' of money inside it and has a nice handbag that matches very well with it, red roses that enlighten my akuarium area, a very meaningful bday card and the red Nike gym bag can carry my needs to the gym... as the Nike bag didnt come with a card, so i dun really know the exact people who contributed to it... so, dun wan to mention names, nanti yg tertinggal, kecik ati plak... he he... anyway, love u all so much!!! mmmmmmmmmmuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Getz or Vios?


  1. vios is always a good car. if you really considering only gets or vios, i would suggest u to get vios. :-) minyak save..

    speaking of the red nike gym bag, i was looking all over sport house in klang valley for that bag, since nike stop selling it already. now everything can campak inside that bag. heeheehee...

  2. wlady is here too??? alamak ai... u know pye and now u know leo too? aiyoo..

    anyway... leo... found ur blog at last! ekekkeke... by d way... vios is good. i'm driving one. but getz.. well.. u can get that free interest facility... and staff discount i think (check with MAMI first).

    anyways... glad to hear tht u're doing okey...

  3. aikkk... jejak kasut ke ni.. leo pun kenal pye ke?

  4. woitts.. beli korean car(hyundai), 2nd hand value elek... rugi rugi rugi!!!! .. stick to vios... kereta pilihan ramai.

  5. still not worth it if kereta lawa but the owner not lawa... haha..

  6. managed to read some of ur entries.. think could describe u a little.. but not sure either its rite or not really rite... u r kinda somebody dat going to ruin' everything in ur life just bcoz u think u never did anithin' wrong... lots of space to change.. better start thinking before its too late..

  7. elo sayang... reading my blog and finally made a conslusion bout me? i think you might want to reflex the thought to you instead of me... i don't made conclusion about someone thru their blog, and i gently asked you to do the same... pls...

  8. Some people juz don't have anything better to do then to flame others on their blogs.

    IP trace is in progress. Be afraid, be very afraid. You may not BE that anonymous anymmore!

  9. dear anonymous,

    lawa or not is in the eye of a beholder... ok.. fine if you think she is not, but for the rest she is.. like you too.. prolly your partner said you good looking, but prolly for us you are horrendous...

    so.. beauty is subjective no argument on that..

  10. Oh my God!!! (Naila style!)

    Some people are just assholes when it comes to shitting about other people!

    Mr/Ms Annonymous, you boleh BLAH! No one goes around saying bad things about a good friend of mine and thinks he/she can get away with it! If you want to leave a sincere comment, be it negative or positive, be a MAN/LADY about it and leave your name/nickname and not just identify yourself as anonymous!

    Some people ah, can be so fucking rude to strangers! Get your own blog and let us shit on your blog. I'm sure you'd like that...

  11. oiii anonymous...who do you think you really are hah? since you're so good at making personal judgement based on Leo's blog, well i think it's OK for me to make my personal judgement about YOU based on your comments, aight? anonymous - you are a real chicken. you are stupid. you are shallow. you have an IQ of an empty bottle. you are definitely ugly. you are horrendous. you are a moron. you don't have friends. you're a maniac. you're depressed. you are sick. you ARE MENTAL.

    got it?

  12. lol..anonymous tu ingat die pandai...wakakaka
    u sgt lawa leo :D