February 26, 2007

Frienship again lah

Friendship!!! It is such a beautiful thing to treasure… We should be grateful, if we were surrounded with ‘stunning’ friends. Rejoice their presence instead of taking advantage of them. Don’t expect that in order to prove that they are your true friends you always have to make them willing to compromise to your own needs. Itu namanya mengambil kesempatan. Think before you act and if you find that your friend is trying to hurt you, maybe you might want to rethink, twice, three times, four times or more. Ask yourself these questions… Does the request seem reasonable? Are you being reasonable? Actually a true, sincere and honest friend always tells you the TRUTH!!! They will try to ease/ solve your problems instead of makes you run from it. And as we all should know, the truth hurts… accept it!! Embrace it!! And learn from it!! Hopefully you can become a good friend to someone.

Friendship is earned, not commanded!!! Hug once in awhile, give flowers once in awhile, dinner treats once in awhile, send sms once in awhile does not justify you as a true friend. Maybe it’s very hard to define one but trust me it’s very easy to become one. Sometimes, it’s just the ‘human’ thingy in us that make us always want to ‘receive’ rather than ‘give’. Think carefully, what have we contributed to the relationship… did you lend a hand when they need your help? Did you offer any help without having them requesting you to do so? Did you know what are their favourite colours, food, celebrities, movies? Did you do your part of the housework or just enjoy the facilities as there is? Hey, it doesn’t kill you to ‘clean up’ the rubbish ban once in awhile… or ‘cleaning up’ is not in your job description izit… as a professional maybe we are not obliged to do something which is out of the outlined, but as a friend… these are those little tiny bitzie things that makes your friend smile… =D (contoh je ye…)

Despite of having the ‘bad seeds’ in my ‘friendship’, I am so appreciative that I know who my true friends are, whom I can count on and the one that definitely will visit me when I’m sick… =D

For the ones, who doesn’t really have true friend… hmmmm, might want to do a bit ‘post-mortem’ la kut… having said all these, May Allah bless all my friends, good ka, bad ka… Please let us be a good friend to others… Amin…

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